3d systems projet material rfid hack

Discussion in 'Rapid-Prototyping' started by DMC, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I think I am the first on the planet to crack this, and this is how I do it! ;)
    (Well, at least I show you a little)

    For more information, or to order my S100/S300 Support material, or to change your printer type from Resin to CPX please contact me, Scotty.

    For expired date material rfid stickers you simply change date in Windows of your printer to 1999 and reboot the projet service. Now you may use expired rfid sticker for materials! DUH! :wacky:

    Once you have reset any rfid sticker....you need to use that sticker in different cubby location.
    This means, swap left and right bottles or move the bottle to new location. Then, machine will detect the rfid and think it is new again. Refill or use wrong material with this rfid sticker you keep resetting.
    Cheers and F-3d systems!@#$@! and their terrible service and prices and junk machines.


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  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Changing a 3d systems Resin printer, or ?? printer to another type.....

    I do this and figure it out. All printers are same basic turd inside.

    Just parameters are different. I change many files to do this.

    We can upgrade any machine to Plus or MAX!

    and Change machine from ?? to ??

    Now you will have correct DSP parameters, and curing, and temps, etc...just as if it really was a CPX or ??
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  3. RpDepot

    RpDepot Active Member

    Hi DMC
    Will this work for Projet 2500 printers?

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  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

  5. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Wait, you mean to change printer type?

    Or the rfid hack thing?
  6. padano

    padano Active Member

    Hi DMC,

    Can it work on the Stratasys printer?
  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I doubt the Israeli Objet has anything in common with 3d systems products.
    Is this the printer you are talking about?
  8. padano

    padano Active Member

    Exactly, They use the same technique as 3D system.
  9. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    You mean an rfid tag?

    With enough time and beer anything is possible!

    I love a challenge, but is it worth the time and effort (and beer)?

    You have a 3rd party source for materials and already try to do this yourself?

    rfid is many possible languages and usually encrypted garbage in hexadecimal (Klingon) non-sense.
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  10. padano

    padano Active Member

    I'll pay you as much beer you can drink :beer
  11. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    So, where is the rfid tag?
    Or how does printer software detect the material?
  12. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I need sample of new rfid, 1/2 used rfid, and 100% empty bottle rfid that machine rejects.

    Then we see what is going on, and make a solution.
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  13. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Member

    Any success? Im looking to do the same to an eden 333?
  14. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    We did some closed systems with success. Of course it is possible. But it is worth your time or is it worth my time?

    For Eden maybe so?
  15. Zachary

    Zachary New Member

    Did you ever get this to work on a 3D Systems projet 2500 printer?
  16. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Never tried
  17. Tantalus

    Tantalus New Member

    I've got a load of full M3 material cartridges that have expired and so it would be great to be able to hack the RFID but I'm not sure how you change the Windows time on the Projet 3500 printer, can you do this from the UI on the printer?
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  18. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Windows Remote Desktop Connection

    Type in IP of printer example, or or whatever?

    USER = projet_rh

    PASSWD = projet_rh

    Change time in Windows as usual
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  19. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Other user and password for 3d systems (always same user as password)

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