Amann Girrbach ceramill matik

Discussion in 'CNC Machines' started by kwpm, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. kwpm

    kwpm New Member

    hello, has anyone had experiences with this machine? can you also use milling cutters without rfid chip? AG only gives an evasive answer...
    think this machine is not as bad...but i want to decide which tools i want to use

    Thanks in advance!

  2. mill3d

    mill3d Well-Known Member

    I asked them at IDS about the burs and they have non coated burs for zirconia and you can only use their own burs with RFID.
  3. kwpm

    kwpm New Member

    Thanks for your answer...this sounds not good for me...i worked in lab last year with two imes machines. we used cutters made by "acurata" they have excellent quality, are plug and play...and they have coatings for Ceramill-Motion/Micro machines...i hate those machines like the Ceramill Matik with noe freedom for us i am not willing to buy one...
  4. kwpm

    kwpm New Member

    now i am one step further :) i can read the RFID with my smartphone and can get the info on the chip. if i can manage to modifiy the info, i can use every cutter i can imagine :)
  5. Yourgoes

    Yourgoes Active Member

    Or, like you mentioned earlier, you could buy a machine which doesn't require you to do such silly things.
    The matic is good for entry level users who go from wet to dry often. The RFID functionality is really idiot proofing, it allows the machine to be operated by a more novice user as its harder to f*ck up by using the wrong tool or putting the wrong puck in.

    If you have more in-depth knowledge, which it sounds like you do, for the same level of investment I would wonder why you wouldn't want the freedom of open systems and dedicated wet/dry mills.... unless you have some schmuck you don't trust running them.
  6. kwpm

    kwpm New Member

    I will buy a imes-icore machine...but hacking the RFID-System of Amann Girrbach is a sporting challenge for me ;-)
    And a friend was so ...brave... :) and bought a Ceramill Matik...the machine is at the moment like a big stone - just stands in its edge and waits for support from AG...he decided to buy out the RFID option, costs around 2.500-3.000 Euro...he is very upset about we try to decrypt the RFID system from this mill, step by step, to give him full freedom
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  7. Yourgoes

    Yourgoes Active Member

    Well that does sound like fun, why not :D .. would be nice to have the post processor for the mill and run open CAM instead of closed Moduleworks too...
    I must say the self cleaning screen scraping system for water filtration under the mill is impressive.... I'll give them that
  8. kwpm

    kwpm New Member

    If the self cleaning would work, it would be good...but it does not work as it should :wacky:
  9. deadhead

    deadhead New Member

    we just purchased the Matik. Been running it for a month now with absolutely no issue. The self cleaning does work, and works well. As far as the RFID chip thing with the tools, the only work around for that is you can replace the tool by taking old tool out of the chip holder and put a new tool in the holder and then change the abrasion percentage from 100% to 200%. your allowed to increase the percentage til you hit 500%, so technically you can change out the tool 5 times before you would have to order a new tool from AG which would then reset the the tool abrasion.
  10. Yourgoes

    Yourgoes Active Member

    I always appreciate a good workaround, easier than the RFID modification. Speaking of which, any luck on that front kwpm? Know if anyone is milling CrCo or titanium on it yet? They said it was coming 'soon' but with an under 1kw spindle I wonder how it will perform.

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