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Discussion in 'Rapid-Prototyping' started by harmonylab, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. harmonylab

    harmonylab Member

    just got this one. not great so far. half the prints are failing. hopefully these are just kinks that can be worked out.

    machine is compact, looks good, looks to be high build quality. software is excellent. even has stacking feature, though that part's not intuitive at all. open system, and has a lot of resins that are pre-tested and configured already. it has a really nonsensical resin tray system. you can't use trays until they're worn out, you have to replace them after a certain amount of use, depending on how much you paid for it. basically amounts to licensing fees. you have to throw out perfectly fine trays, and if trays die early you have to save the rfid tag to use on other trays. colossally stupid, if you ask me.
    the tray bottom seems to be nothing but a layer of silicone. it's not very durable and it didn't take much to put a hole in it.

    still early. will need to revisit later. so far, mixed results.
  2. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    @harmonylab if you need more guidance FB Asiga dentaleXperts admin is a friend although one of the greatest resin experts is their
  3. Mazve

    Mazve Member

    Been using Asiga MAX printer for a while now and never had a failed print, only once when i didn't mix resin. Tray bottom is silicone yes but you don't need to touch it and i never had hole in it.
  4. Mazve

    Mazve Member

    Sorry for double post just now i thought maybe some of you guys have ever tried different resins for Asiga MAX printer? I mean not the original resins by Asiga which are quite expensive to be honest, but i saw cheaper resins from other manufacturers, i know ASIGA is open printer and it is possible to use any resin with is compatible with that kind of printers, so i wonder maybe anybody tried it in reality and how it worked out
  5. harmonylab

    harmonylab Member

    still getting failed prints. we're having so many problems with this, compared to our other printers. only the formlabs was worse, and we got rid of those. also, the support experience is terrible. email only. and if that's not bad enough, it's on a day's delay due to time difference.
  6. Mazve

    Mazve Member

    how exactly prints fail ? what happens ? you sure you put enough supports and dont expose resin to sunlight and mix it really well before printing ?
  7. harmonylab

    harmonylab Member

    some come out warped, some incomplete. same supports. of course they're mixed well and not exposed to sunlight. we have no trouble with other printers we have.

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