Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Kapor 123, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Kapor 123

    Kapor 123 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I am looking for used cad/cam system Ceramill Motion 1 with scanner. I would buy this system. Do you know who want to sell it. Thank you
  2. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

  3. Affinity

    Affinity Active Member Staff Member

    Yes! I have the complete motion1 system, although I think i will keep the sinter oven as a backup. Where are you located?
  4. Kapor 123

    Kapor 123 New Member

    I am from Europe. Czech republic. It is possible?

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