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Discussion in 'exocad' started by val, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. val

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    Good evening!
    In case of one hole fall on buccal 21 of full Zir screw bridge- i would like to closed screw channel, but not closed place of ti base. How can I do it ? There isn't option in SUM3d for this operation. Or I don't find this option.))

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    make the hole smaller with change diameter from the top (dmin,dmax) that its not executed and delete the finishing operation from the bottom theres also close hole function but never tried dont know if all are closed. Is it on glue bases ??

    Schirmfoto_2017-04-03_065124.jpg Schirmfoto_2017-04-03_065154.jpg
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  4. cadfan

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    @Gianmarco Caramelli what is the fastest way ???

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  5. val

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    I would like to do only one of crown on glue base, all of bridge crow will be screw. What program do you mean for changing diameter (dmix, dmax)?
  6. Andrey

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    There where you don't want that SUM drilled an opening, on this place set diameter of an opening less admissible minimum (DMIN). then SUM won't begin to drill him

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  7. Gianmarco Caramelli

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    Hi, maybe I'm not well understanding the problem, however if you don't want apply any drilling operation on screw channel you can use following command upload_2017-4-10_11-35-49.png to delete undesired axis.
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  8. Becket

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    I wish the screwable implants to be thinner. What, how and where can I set this parameter in SUM3D.
    Thank you!
  9. Gianmarco Caramelli

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