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Discussion in '3D Scanners' started by Giacomo, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Giacomo

    Giacomo New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I would need advice too.
    Which scanner would you choose between medit t300 / t500, Dof Freedom or swing ???
    which according to you the best ???
    thank you

    Salve a tutti,
    anche io avrei bisogno di un consiglio.
    quale scanner scegliereste tra medit t300/t500 , Dof Freedom o swing ???
    quale secondo voi il migliore ???
  2. Giacomo

    Giacomo New Member

    thank you for your kindness .... between the two Medit which would you recommend ???

    grazie per la tua gentilezza ....tra i due Medit quale consiglieresti ???
  3. Ina

    Ina New Member

    Model specs for both T300 and T500 can be found in this picture

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  4. Giacomo

    Giacomo New Member

    thank you,
    I repeat ...... not being an expert I would like an advice.
    on the basis of your experiences and knowledge ... which one would you choose between medit t500 -medit t300 and freedom hd ??????
    thank you
  5. Ina

    Ina New Member

    As far as I can tell, (I can only make a comparison between T300 and T500 as I have no experience with freedom hd) T300 is somewhat cheaper than T500 and is a bit slower when scanning. Their scan capability, processing tech, file output, # of axes are pretty much the same. Scan accuracy is at around 7 microns for both models. I heard T500 is a more popular model in labs. It is your call.
  6. Giacomo

    Giacomo New Member

  7. Fra990sm

    Fra990sm New Member

    ... io ho preso il Freedom UHD in italia da Roland... stra contento...

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