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Discussion in 'exocad' started by kronus, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. kronus

    kronus New Member

    My second project. Force Axis... sample tooth. Interestingly you can manipulate the way your tools interact with the tooth library.

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    MAHER WA New Member

    I badly needed EXOcad‏
    But it asks the dongle
    How can I skip this request?[​IMG]
    I can not legally buy this software
    Because of the economic embargo on my country

  3. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    The Dongle (key) is easy to ship to you.

    Send payment by paypal, or wire transfer, or other.

    I am reseller and happy to sell you a new license.

    Do not buy crack version of software.
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  4. Kvonn3gut

    Kvonn3gut Administrator Staff Member

    We do not condone selling or distribution of cracked software. You will be banned from the forum.
  5. dentalstef

    dentalstef New Member

    Hey everybody their,

    I´m new here an new in learning exocad so I try the the same to copy exocad from PC on my laptop and practice at home. I copy the folders PC to laptop (they are on drive D: on both computers know) and install microsoft framework and exocad framework.
    I can start exocad with the dongle but after short time exocad tell me to activate this version. The laptop is not online. Can I go online and Exocad activates my laptop, or better not, because my PC at work then stops working?
    PC and exocad are from smart optics.

    Thanks for help and sorry for bad english
  6. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    No problem go online and activate you can run Exocad on 5 computers with one dongle .
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  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    You can request "offline license" from your reseller.

    Then it will work.

    John, you do need internet connection for regular dongle. If no internet, then eventually the program close.
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  8. dentalstef

    dentalstef New Member

    thanks a lot for your quick response. I can get internet sometime but not always. So is it enough to have internet for aktivation or must I have allways internet connection?
    First I have to try if my notebook is fast enough because it has a AMD A8 prozessor with 4 GB and only Radion R5 M200 grafic card with 2GB.
    It does not have to be fast for practice, but of course it has to work somehow. Is it also possible to disable it if it does not work properly? Or did I lose one of 5 possible computers?
  9. dentalstef

    dentalstef New Member

    Oh I´m realy suprised. It works. Not fast but the models turns smoothly. But for practice a litle bit it is not so bad. One time exocad crash. But i think it is because 4 GB Mamory are not enough. So i try to update this to 8 GB. I forgot to say that the laptop only has a resolution of 1366x768. But that does not seem to be a problem. I wondering because other people told me exocad needs full hd resolution.
  10. dentalstef

    dentalstef New Member

    Because it crash sometimes i install windows 10 new on that laptop in hope it will be more stable. But if i start exocad again it automaticly aktivated this version on this laptop again. Now their are 3 IDs registered although there are only 2 PCs. Can I change this?

    Hope every one can help please.
  11. viperchannel

    viperchannel New Member

    Hey there! I would like to bring this topic back up.
    I want to run a copy of my (reseller branded, but pretty basic) exocad (2017 version) on my fresh laptop so that I can take my dongle along and work from everywhere I am. The specs are better than the ones of my office pc, so that should be fine.
    I also tried copying my folders to my private pc and everything worked without installing additonal libraries, but I already had a zirkonzahn demo dongle installed on that pc some years ago, so most likely that already installed all the necesarry stuff. But I don't have that demo dongle anymore.

    I searched the web and ended up here, but the provided links to the runtime libraries seem to be outdated.

    It would be absolutely awesome if someone could provide me some updated links to get my laptop running (64 bit) with exocad. Thanks alot!
  12. viperchannel

    viperchannel New Member

    I got it working, using cad-ray.com/exocad-install/ the file from here.

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