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  1. mill3d

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    As I can scan impressions with DOF scanner I was asned to do a post and core work. Should I select inlay for it and then manually build it up or is there some other method? My other question is about how to make a snapon smile in exocad?

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  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Snap on...
    Needs retention like a partial denture?
    Or will be glued?

    Yes inlay for post. Scan impression and your software auto invert the mesh norms for exocad.
  3. mill3d

    mill3d Well-Known Member

    Snap on will not be clued... the patient takes it off for the night.
  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I made myself some out of metal.

    I block-out the model with wax by hand a little-bit interprox embrasures

    Just a little fill in the deep groove between teeth. Not much. To help with insertion path

    I make One margin to surround the entire area I want new surface and make One unit

    Simple offset coping and freeform. Or Copy-Waxup
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  5. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    There is 100x options.

    Wax-up copy?

    Maybe use bite-splint somehow?

    New Partial Denture module +Crown&Bridge is possible soon!!

    I 3d printed and cast in both Palladium and Gold to make stupid Grill.

    It "popped" On and Off with retention. 10 units....facial only.

    All Premolars and anteriors

    NO Trim undercuts and "Use the Force" for defining path of insertion and margin, etc
  6. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Active Member

    I do "snap on smiles" as veneers, and then splint them together ignoring the blockout for undercuts. the only issues Ive had are3 that the connectors sometimes will invade the inside of the pattern. Inlay/Onlay works too.
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  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    It is hard to keep margin min-thickness from hitting each other, and connector issues when you divide into singles all bridged together.

    Then, we get conflict in software and unexpected results

    Can't have margin overlap either.

    I prefer One continuous margin and One unit set-up for the CAD.

    Manual block-out of model before scanning with just a quick swipe of wax
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  8. tcdmd

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    Snap on smiles are usually made out of acetal resin which is a little bit flexible. You don't want to block out undercuts unless they are very large since they are what the prosthesis gets the retention from. I believe you can go as thin as .5mm in thickness with the acetal resin. My closest comparison would be that it is a tooth colored essix retainer with scalloped margins. They also usually have holes in the occlusal to keep the occlusion the same unless they are purposely trying to open the bite. Las for how to design this in exocad... I'll let the experts here handle that since that's beyond my skill level
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  9. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Active Member

    Yeah its a bitch.
  10. joshuaCAD/CAM

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    I place 14 pontics and do a bridge and save the dental cad.
    Change to bitesplint, right-click the splint in expert mode and convert it to waxup.
    My bitesplint blockbottom and spline is also my waxup bottom....
    Is the splint converted I delete the waxupsplint using add mesh in tools and load my anatomical pontic bridge.
    Rightclick the bridge, edit waxup and delete intersecting parts of the bridge, deleting all lower stl fragment and start the guide with waxup creation.

    Additionaly: if you wanna use spacer, activate implantbased to bitsplint in workparamsconfig tool. Than activate to your splint on top the substructure scan.
    This small setting allow you also to use bite splints as bar secondary, cause of the possibility to generate a full crownbottom with all its settings after the waxup creation of the splint.

    The algorithms for offset coping and veneer/inlay are limited when the bar gets bigger it cuts automatically the bottom in the molar area away.

    Screenshot (47).png Screenshot (46) - Kopie.png Screenshot (48).png
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  11. Kenny vincent

    Kenny vincent New Member

    Hi, any one have a video training of snap on smile by exocade please?
  12. Padilla_Andrés

    Padilla_Andrés New Member

    [QUOTE = "Kenny vincent, publicación: 26806, miembro: 5917"] Hola, ¿alguien tiene un video de entrenamiento de snap on smile por exocade, por favor? [/ QUOTE]
    Seria interesante ver ese video
  13. Stefano

    Stefano New Member

    Due possibilità:
    Prima possibilità con il wax-up del modello Exocad utilizzando elementi intermedi per salvare come STL, impostare un nuovo lavoro come Byte e caricare stl come wax up, una volta determinato il traguardo del byte, uscire dal wizzard clic destro su converti wax-up in byte.

    Seconda possibilità con Modifier ZZ nel software c'è l'elemento Mock-up che funziona perfettamente, ottimi risultati, molto veloce e affidabile

    Consiglio ... chiedi a ZZ una versione demo
  14. Stefano

    Stefano New Member

    Snap on -ModifierZZ- Phrozen Print-Harzlab Bleach Prima Flex resin blend

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  15. Padilla_Andrés

    Padilla_Andrés New Member

    Muchas gracias voy a probar, aunque en youtube vi algún video. Muchas gracias!!!

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