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Discussion in 'exocad' started by InmirG, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. InmirG

    InmirG New Member

    Hello guys I need some help.
    I'm new in this but I've designed crowns, bridges, copings and implants.
    When I have made those design and I milled all finished very well, but I try to mill the same things in metal all finish apparently well but when I try to adapt in the model it looks like the metal is shrinking like 0.5.
    There's some specific parameters for metal design in gap cement or something?
  2. joshuaCAD/CAM

    joshuaCAD/CAM Moderator Staff Member

    milling metals always comes with a deflection of the tool. While PMMA and Zi is more a soft material is metal hard as ....
    You have two choices!
    Compensate it in CAD with the radial additional cement gap setting. Totally good until you mill abutments or other implant stuff. Cause the implant libraries have no adjustable fitting parts, they are set by the producer of libraries.
    Which brings us to your second choice.
    Compensate it with CAM, depending what software you bought is it possible and often necessary to set offsets for your fitting areas to recalculate/ remill this parts with a e.g -0.05 on your tools diameter to get your parts fitting.
    What jobs doesn’t fit to you?
    What CAM you use?

    By the way, 0,5 sounds really hard...
  3. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    For internal finish of crown, you are using 3-axis with tool like this?
    Straight shank tool and you will have more deflection.

    straight shank.jpg

    Or, you finish internal with continuous 5-axis and use a taper neck tool like this?
    (Much better accuracy and less deflection of tool)
    See how tool is designed stronger?
    But impossible to finish internal with only 3-axis machining.

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  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Make sure metal cutting strategy use Climb-milling only.

    For soft materials we can use bi-directional machining.

    Change diameter in CAM for 1mm tool to 0.95mm and see what happen?
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  5. InmirG

    InmirG New Member

    I'm Using YENA CAM 5 axis
  6. InmirG

    InmirG New Member

    Well the cam software that I'm using is picasoft-yenacam
  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    That does not really answer my question.

    Just because your machine and CAM are 5-axis, does not mean you are finishing internal of metal in continuous 5-axis.
  8. joshuaCAD/CAM

    joshuaCAD/CAM Moderator Staff Member

    looks like the Schott Systems isiCAM. Do you have the 4 axis or 5 axis version?
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