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  1. Michael santos

    Michael santos New Member

    Hi I am from Portugal and I'm staying to look up different CAD cam options.

    I am looking for a good option to make titaniam bars and first and then for making metal Crown's and all other materials like zirconia, plastic and wax, but for now manly bars and Crown's.

    What sistems do you guys in your experience think are the best?
    Thank you for your help
  2. Mazve

    Mazve Member

    I woudn't recommend same system for plastic and wax, titanium and everything, i suggest 3d print PMMA, mill wax and zirconium with cheaper machine and mill titanium with more expensive machine :D i personally have zero problems doing everything, using Asiga MAX 3d printer for PMMA, Sirona MC X5 for zirconium, wax and sometimes PMMA, and Mikron HSM 200 for titanium and cobalt, however simpler jobs we 3d print from cobalt with Sisma Mysint. For software we use either Sirona Inlab or hyperdent for more complex

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