How to creat dsd shell with exocad

Discussion in 'exocad' started by REZA, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. REZA

    REZA Member

    I want to know how to creat dsd shell with exocad. I think we can do this in Rhino but I dont know the work flow.
  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    What is a dsd shell??
  3. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

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  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Hmmm. ??

    In CAD....a "shell" is a single water-tight stl mesh.
    One piece or One part.

    You want to create a shell??

    I don't understand you man. Sorry.
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  5. REZA

    REZA Member

    actually 3d mockup is 3d shell plus preop model. if we can subtract 3d mockup of 3d model the thin layer remained like connected multi unit veneers is 3d shell
  6. Rigant

    Rigant Active Member

    I use rhino. I can help you, but i dont understand u... only need subtract a shell of 3d model??? o_O give me the .stl, and i make the shell for u...
  7. REZA

    REZA Member

    ok give me your email plz
  8. Rigant

    Rigant Active Member

    ok. mp!!
  9. Rigant

    Rigant Active Member

    Sorry sir, you only have one mesh of final mockup, its not possible get the initial model, because information is missing… If I make the model, this would not be real…


    LUIZ G S DA MATA New Member

    In my opinion , you need to to the wax up on exocad. export the STL to meshmixer, use the tool Plane Cut to cut the lingual side, then you ll have a shell from the mock up

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