Identica software problem

Discussion in 'exocad' started by login9922, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. login9922

    login9922 Member

    Scanner program started running extremely slow first case of the morning scanned fine. Second one started out ok but when it got to the 7th scan of the first model scan the mouse starts to quivery I rebooted got the same place same thing.
    I have the identica disk should I reinstall it?

  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Hi, Sorry about being absent here for a while.

    Playing with machines, as usual.

    Can you please call?

    We see what processes and programs are running on your PC first.

  3. login9922

    login9922 Member

    I think I fixed it. Loose usb connection seams to be running fine now.

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