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Discussion in 'exocad' started by Michael_aplomb, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Art

    Art Active Member

    Can you atatch 2 cfg files? One from library/implant and other from library/modelcreator/implants.
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  2. Andrey

    Andrey Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon! Somebody faced libraries "New version of the BEGO Semados RI implants, with Platform Switch Design" from the updated connection geometry, for cutting out of titanic abatment?
  3. Mofm

    Mofm Active Member

    Can someone share with me a library of implants with analogs?

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  4. Mofm

    Mofm Active Member

    When I add Nt-tradeint lib DIM . I have error like this ? What is wrong ?

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  5. Art

    Art Active Member

    It seems like some syntax error in xml file. Try to use something like notepad ++ or visual studio code to check what is wrong with xml.
  6. Mofm

    Mofm Active Member

    Can You chceck this lib.?

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  7. Art

    Art Active Member

    Right one is original lib which I use. Left one is your lib file.
    There is a small difference. I am not shure that it is the problem. But You may check.

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  8. Midhun vt

    Midhun vt New Member

    can you sent stl wax up
  9. leshi

    leshi Well-Known Member

    Implantium have same platform, but have different cone height.

  10. majo3d

    majo3d New Member

    gracias, encontre la respuesta en el foro :)
  11. Midhun vt

    Midhun vt New Member

    if you can sent the
  12. Michael2

    Michael2 New Member

    I am in need of a variobase Angled Library for Exocad? They keep saying it's not available as Exocad is the problem and vice versa? Has anyone cracked this nut? I use original scan marker from straumann for regular variobases, but for angled I have been using DESS. Any help is much appreciated.
  13. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    like this
  14. Michael2

    Michael2 New Member

    Not sure the library allows maybe 15-20 degree correction. It would have the Straumann original Angle variobase as the ti base, that looks like a regular variobase. I was told u can go about 5-6 degrees without using a special screw or driver. When I use DESS parts, the correction is 15degrees or less I believe. Thanks though, it would need to be a download for DBapps/ Implant/ Library Right??
  15. Midhun vt

    Midhun vt New Member

  16. Kimoo

    Kimoo New Member

    Can anyone send download link for
    Exocad All implant Libraries?? Screenshot_٢٠٢٠-٠١-١١-٠٠-٠٠-٤٢-٢٩٦
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  17. drakur

    drakur New Member

    Hello everybody :)
    So, has anyone printed scan body from merged stl files?
    kind regards
  18. Midhun vt

    Midhun vt New Member


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  19. Aurore D.

    Aurore D. New Member

    Salut à tous,

    j'aurai besoin de la bibliothèque de biotech de toute urgence, quelqu'un peut-il m'aider :(:)?

    Hi all, i will need the biotech library implant urgently, can someone help me?
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  20. qaz

    qaz New Member

    can someone has ETK Implant and Scan body library in exocad

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