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Discussion in 'Rapid-Prototyping' started by Mh92, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Mh92

    Mh92 New Member

    hi I have an invision XT 3D Modeler that I can't get working right. I unfortunately don't have an owners manual for the machine. Every time I go to do a test print the printer will go through the 4 phases and when it gets to phase 1 it times out. The error code that it reads is RT_ERROR: Preheat1 Temp build Temperature Timeout. Any help with this issue would be appreciated greatly.
  2. HCB

    HCB New Member

    Probably you have a problem with one of the heaters...
  3. DMC

    DMC hello

    Change setpoint for that heater to ambient temp.

    That is unnecessary heater anyways.

    Open Windows Desktop Remote....
    Type IP of printer.

    Log in with user and password the same


    Open RMTDiag....Go to setpoint and change the set temp for Preheat Build (or Part) 1 to whatever it is currently reading.
    Do this for all places.....Build temp, Stand-By temp, Conserve Temp.

    To see status of temp "Operator"
  4. DMC

    DMC hello

    Very common and can be fixed easy, or just ignore and forget fixing it.
  5. Mh92

    Mh92 New Member

    Thank so for the responses and sorry for my delayed response, i can't seem to get windows desktop remote to work with my printer
  6. DMC

    DMC hello

    You have correct IP address for printer?

    Both are on the same local network?

    You must type user and password EXACTLY as I type above!

    Not a space! You need the " _ "
  7. Mh92

    Mh92 New Member

    The program isn't recognizing the IP address
  8. DMC

    DMC hello

    Change network setting in your printer to match your local network settings.


    default gateway need to be same.
    subnetmask need to be the same.
    IP need to be same as subnetmask, but last group of numbers need to be unique.
    Not same as any other device on your network. So choose something like ???.???.???.033
    Usually or sometimes for the IP of printer.

    Then, try to hit it up using windows remote desktop
  9. DMC

    DMC hello

  10. DMC

    DMC hello

    On desktop PC (not the printer)....Go to command prompt.... (cmd)
    type "ipconfig" and enter...
    Then you see your local settings
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  11. Mh92

    Mh92 New Member

    I managed to hard wire the system to my computer via Ethernet, but still can't get access. I think the system is stuck in a loop because it keeps trying to do a test print and keeps failing. On top of that on the top of the screen (on the printer) it saying power off recovery. I was wondering if this might be the issue and how I might be able to bipass it. It won't let me abort either.
  12. DMC

    DMC hello

    Cannot use PC-to-printer with only One network cable.

    Even if it is a special crossover cable, I do not think that would work.

    You need to have both on a local network, using a router to assign IP addresses and join all device together.

    Did you change Network settings in the Printer using the front display of printer??

    Now, your printer has same subnetmask and defaultgateway as the rest of your PCs on your local network?
  13. DMC

    DMC hello

    Printer is trying to finish a print.

    Curing the final job. 3d systems worried they get sued if uncured material come out I guess??

    To prevent this next trick machine to see that printhead is all the way up maximum position.
    Do this by putting something in top opto sensor before reboot. Like a quarter or a piece of anything?

    You will find the Blqack sensor for max Z-axis up limit.....
    Trip that sensor on reboot.

    You're still doing it wrong I think? lol

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