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Discussion in 'exocad' started by Soupkitchen, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Soupkitchen

    Soupkitchen Active Member

    We recently purchased the sintering oven temp upgrade for our Dekema, and we are trying to switch over to katana Zirconia but it still fits like garbage. We have a bridge that rocks like crazy, any ideas how we might be able to fix this? We use Exocad, mill with Motion 2, and sinter on the Dekema.
  2. bigbrush

    bigbrush Well-Known Member

    Hi, Katana needs 1530°C of sintertemp, wich is maybe to high for your Dekema ( if it is the Basic ). In the new ones it works but the basic it`s the limit and it won´t work for a long time.
    Did you check your temp by calibrationprogram?
  3. Soupkitchen

    Soupkitchen Active Member

    Yeah we got the temp upgrade kit, we have the Basic 2. I'm not sure about the calibrationprogram, but the oven says it can now go to 1550C.
  4. bigbrush

    bigbrush Well-Known Member

    If you have changed the SiC-elements you have to run the calibrationprogram with an controlring to verify the the control and thermoelement.
  5. Soupkitchen

    Soupkitchen Active Member

    We got the upgrade (which is supposed to allow the oven to reach higher temps) but Dekema never said anything about replacing the elements (nor was that part of the fee)

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  6. bigbrush

    bigbrush Well-Known Member

    Ok, never heared about this.
  7. Soupkitchen

    Soupkitchen Active Member

    Apparently the basic 2 (austromat 674) was able to reach those temps but in order to access it you have to pay dekema (to basically log into the machine and type in a new temp for the limit, And that's basically it) I will be on the phone with CAP today to try to troubleshoot it.

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  8. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Zr shrink the same, regardless of temps. You can raise temps 100C and still exact same shrinkage

    (Within a certain range of course)

    Most people are using Chinese Zr.

    Talladium, Zirlux, Sagemax, TD Dental, my zirconia, and basically all zirconia except a few are made in China, or with Chinese powder.

    Why you want to pay more for zirconia that is no better, or even worse?
  9. Sir Morty

    Sir Morty Member

    I don't really understand why they all sinter at different temperatures and look different.

    If they are same manufacturer of powder.

    Is it just a matter of blends?

    I have tried all kinds of high translucent zirconia and I can't get them to look good. Doesn't seem to matter.
  10. Toothman19

    Toothman19 Well-Known Member

    What do the preps look like? The zirconia is not your issue
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  11. Elab

    Elab Active Member

    Check the Scaling Factor for the puck, just a thought.

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