lithium disilicate disk?

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  1. Have anyone tried cutting an emax cad disk? What milling strategy would you use for this material?
  2. v450

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    Me too! I tried to get sum3d to generate a spiral ramp down entry then zigzag but it won’t. You don’t want to be z-level milling it your tools will die fast on the tip.
    Sum can’t generate the operation this way but if anyone knows how to cut thru the block before zigzag I’d like to know
    We mill lots of emax with the zigzag and the tools in our machine - but disc is only a challenge on entry
  3. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    From the side of course! (Grinding)

    Need fixture to have access slot, or clamp only 1/2 disk from side.

    But, really....what is different about milling spiral down into internal of a crown, and milling spiral down into top of disk I ask? Then continue with Grinding strategy once you are inside the cavity. Not Z-level of course.
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  4. ghost

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    go to cam have strategy for it i have seen it in action so must be able to do it
  5. Abbas Kothary

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    Hello All,
    Sorry for my ignorance. Can the Emax disc be milled Dry? What is the brand of Emax disc you guys use for milling? Kindly share name of supplier. Thanks
  6. Chris Silvoy

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    You can mill emax dry if you like fireworks and broken tools. Not kidding. Emax is a wet grinding process only.
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  7. BukakiYourMom

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    1. Emax is a brand. Lithium disilicate(Emax)/silicate(celtra)
    2. I think it is possible to mill it without liquid cooling but then you need something extraordinary which may be just a kill with production price.
    I would just stick to grinding it with diamond particle coated tools and that's it. And to tell you the truth it is much more profitable to mill/print wax and press it out.
  8. BukakiYourMom

    BukakiYourMom BukakiMyMom

    P.S. I mean extraordinary not your ordinary "toaster like"desktop milling but some sort of industrial/military grade production facility with magic solutions for production of precision instruments and optics.

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