Looking for under $3K scanner

Discussion in 'Wanted Ads' started by Fernan, May 17, 2017.

  1. Fernan

    Fernan New Member

    am looking for under $3K scanner that can scan to open stl
    i have fast design software to design
    of course if it has a design software its more than welcome :)
  2. DMC

    DMC hello

    I have five used scanners.
    All steinbichlet STI
    Those are 3000 each and really nice scanners. To be powered by exocsd.
  3. Fernan

    Fernan New Member

    i know that :)
    but i need one i dont need to buy exocad
  4. DMC

    DMC hello

    DOF Prime Scanner?

    It is New, with warranty.

    How about $6400?

    If you do not have this for a scanner, then may god help you! Because you are doing something very wrong in the Dental field! :D

    DOF Prime Flyer.png
  5. Fernan

    Fernan New Member

    im actually saving for that but im hoping to get something now
    please give me a call when you have time
    i'll send you prv msg
  6. malamenr

    malamenr New Member

    It is possible to get exo for 500$

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  7. DMC

    DMC hello

    Not possible.
  8. lucky54

    lucky54 Well-Known Member

    tell me more :)
  9. DMC

    DMC hello

    I have seen many people buy hack/crack version of exocad and after weeks or many months it stops working. Germany see the license is wrong or a duplicate license number 4000km away from original. They will turn it off. The reseller of original cloned dongle is notified and real customer will also have his license turned off! A new dongle is sent to original customer.
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  10. Fernan

    Fernan New Member

    i think this is done
    well at least until i know they cash my check tomorrow :)
    Thanks for the replies.
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