Looking Scanning Impression Service in USA ?

Discussion in '3D Scanners' started by Kleox, May 24, 2018.

  1. Kleox

    Kleox New Member


    I would like to Know if anyone provide a 3D scanning service for dental impression in USA ?

    I am actually from France, and i don't have office and scanner in USA so to avoid some shipping cost from every impression and win time on the case i would like to know if someone provide this service ?

    Thanks for your Help


  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    We need to make models sometimes, or a real die if this is for Crown and Bridge

    The impression go to trash? Or we have to package and ship back?
  3. Lydia Lu

    Lydia Lu New Member

    Hi Kleox,

    I knew some dental labs and design centers they provide 3D scanning service for dental impression in USA?

    Do you want to scan impressions in USA? I think it's ok, sometimes doctors scan impression in clinic and then they send data to lab for printing model,designing and milling.

    But the requirements for the scanner are very high´╝îit has to scan impression clearly.

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