Medit Identica Scan 2.0 CAD support: Exocad, 3Shape, Cerec (Sirona)

Discussion in '3D Scanners' started by Glenn K., Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Glenn K.

    Glenn K. Moderator Staff Member

    Medit Identica Scan v 2.0 (included with Medit Identica scanners) supports design (CAD) software from Exocad, 3Shape and Cerec (Sirona).

    Just launch Identica Scan 2.0, enter Scan mode, select "option" and choose your destination CAD software from the pull down list.

    If you would like detailed instructions with images (screen captures) just let me know.


    CAD options in Identica Scan 2_0.PNG
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  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Nice to see ya Glenn.

    I hope all is well with you.

  3. Glenn K.

    Glenn K. Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you Scott!
  4. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    Hallo Glenn nice to see you , sorry no time for Atlanta but a 5 mp file is enough for me and maybe i am impressed too that time not.
  5. Glenn K.

    Glenn K. Moderator Staff Member

    Hallo cadfan. Wie gehts?
  6. alphadental

    alphadental Well-Known Member

    Hi Glenn, did medit fix all bugs in V2.0 with the implant scanbodys ? I am still at 1.18 . Do I have to copy digital library from exocad to V2.0? If yes how I do this?
  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Can't you just scan the markers as some other group?

    Go to CAD....Stop Wizard....
    Then, import into CAD scene as marker scan?
  8. alphadental

    alphadental Well-Known Member

    Scott , how I understand from posts on DLN , you need to import same implant library as you have in exo to the scanning
    software . You need to mach markers to library in the scanapp at the time of scanning .
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  9. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    No, you can also do this the normal way also.

    Matching in exocad, as usual.

    Of course, this is not how the Medit software is designed and you have to click on a few wrong buttons to make-up a different workflow.
  10. texocad

    texocad Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah!!!! Finally able to link DDB and MEDIT Scan. Been trying to accomplish this since the v2 release. Nada... Error messages, licensce errors,,, path not specified etc. Monday I tried again SW said I made the link.... from the Medit. Menu as Glen explained .but no that did no work. Hit the scan button in DDB it opened Exoscan but that didn't work either. Been frustrated an feeling like an idiot. Yesterday after updating the Medit SW went through the same steps I did so many times before....finally. Once I hit the scan button in DDB it opens up Medit scan and I'm able to move on to scanning immediately. After scanning it's smooth sailing so far...designing in CAD. I no longer have to redundantly define tooth # and restoration type in CAD. Went straight to margins and propposals etc...only designed 2 crowns so far after the update yesterday....but I'm liking it do far...only time will tell.
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  11. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Good to hear of some success!

    Glad Glen is here to explain some things as they evolve and change.
  12. texocad

    texocad Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys...I hope others are finding success with the Medit v2 update. Seems like there were quite a few bugs to work out....and to their credit they've been working on it.
  13. alphadental

    alphadental Well-Known Member

    I better wait when it's bugs free. I do not have resaler that can help me .:banghead:
    I may have to ask Glenn to help me .
  14. Glenn K.

    Glenn K. Moderator Staff Member

    Hi alphadental,
    If your original dealer is no longer an authorized Medit dealer you have a couple of options for support:
    1) You can contact Medit directly by filling out the support request form on our website support page:
    2) You can contact an existing Medit dealer for help. Each dealer has their own support policies and programs so you will have to check with them to see what they can offer you.

    If you are in the America's (North, Central, South) and you need help contacting a dealer please let me know.

  15. Glenn K.

    Glenn K. Moderator Staff Member

    The attached document gives more detailed instructions to switch between different destination CAD programs.

    Attached Files:

  16. RDCLarry

    RDCLarry Member

    For now, I just scan the case along with the scan markers , then edit the upper , lower, scan marker as I normally do, then click "no" when asked in V2 to align the scan marker, then click "save." V2 will properly name upper, lower, scan marker stl's in the correct Exocad project folder and return you back to the respective Exocad job project & The alignment will come up in Exocad design. Not really that big of a deal where you align ( V2 or Exocad.) I imagine the alignment functionality will be available in a future release.
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  17. svandyke

    svandyke New Member

    Hey Glenn, what file type will it create if I want to use this function to design in 3shape? Also, how does it effect overall scan time? Do you have instructions on importing it into 3shape?
  18. Glenn K.

    Glenn K. Moderator Staff Member

    It will create an .stl file that is oriented to correctly open in 3Shape design software. Scan time is no different. I do not have step by step instructions at this time but let me see what we can put together for you.

  19. Nguyen

    Nguyen New Member

    Dear Glenn,

    I have a medit scan hybrid but I can not export .stl file, pls show me the way export .stl file, I only need .stl file after scan.

    Many thanks
  20. Glenn K.

    Glenn K. Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Nguyen,

    After you complete the scan process you can find the .stl file in the Medit project data folder. The screen capture below will show you the location of the folder and the .stl file. You can use Windows explorer to change the view of the folder contents to list details and you will see the .stl file in the folder. I have .stl files associated with Meshmixer on my PC so it is displaying as a Meshmixer document, your .stl might show as a different document type depending on the software you have installed.

    STL File Location.png
    If you do not have an .stl file in the project folder then you might be creating .obj files with the color option:
    Color OBJ or no color STL option.png

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