Nobel Scanner and SW

Discussion in '3D Scanners' started by texocad, May 23, 2018.

  1. texocad

    texocad Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any detailed information on Nobel's offer.... LS 3 and DTX Studio ?
  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    What makes you ask?

    Something about it look amazing?

    (I never heard of it myself)
  3. texocad

    texocad Well-Known Member

    Me tooo, never heard of it so..... Just curious
  4. alphadental

    alphadental Well-Known Member

    all I know it is Kavo scanner and branded exocad software
  5. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    Kavo was Breuckmann now i think SO the last one was from i think new one based on Vinyl 14 K in G a few sell them for 10
  6. alphadental

    alphadental Well-Known Member

  7. alphadental

    alphadental Well-Known Member

    sorry I don't know how to rotate the photo
  8. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    SO or OPT looks a bit more like OPT
  9. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

  10. Elab

    Elab Active Member

    That's not a problem, I was laying down anyway:wacky:
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  11. harmonylab

    harmonylab Member

    dtx for implant/surgical guides... but apparently it can only make fully guided guides for nobel implants only... quite crippled, I must say.

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