Production Questions to Amann Girrbach Owners

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  1. Werner Hamman

    Werner Hamman New Member

    I own an Amann Girrbach Motion2 Milling machine. The Straumann Version M-Series

    I have the following technical questions – I know some of the answers will vary from user to user. It's just to have a measure to calculate production costs for my business

    1. For the AG Zirconia milling burs.

    a. The expected amount of Zr units that can be milled with the various burs before it needs to be replaced?

    i. 2mm

    ii. 1mm

    iii. 0.6mm

    iv. 0.35mm

    b. The expected lifespan of the Titanium burs set

    c. The Expected lifespan of the ceramic bur set

    2. For the zirconia blanks how many units can one expect to nest per disk if you pack it quite close?

    a. 98mm

    b. D shape or 71mm?

    3. The expected lifespan of the spindle and how much it cost to replace?

    You guys should surely have some of these values somewhere. Maybe part of a sales presentation or just your own production figures. Even a recommended value will do because I don’t want to drive my machine to the ground.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you can assist me with these questions.

  2. FleshFly

    FleshFly New Member

    Hi, does any one know for what type of material is this bur recommend?

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  3. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Maybe wax?

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