Programat S1 Sintering oven Service Manual

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by deadhead, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Hello everyone, so our Programat S1 sintering oven heating elements cracked and a few of the connections needed replacing. Long story short, we got all the new parts in the other day, but one of our technicans took it upon himself to start to take the oven apart to start to replace the bads parts. Well he never took pictures or labeled anything, so now we have a bunch of pieces that we dont know exactly how to put back together. Does any one have a PDF of the Service Manual or know where I can download it, cause all I can find is the Operation Manual and I know the Service Manual shows pictures and step by step procedures of replacing the heating elements and the connections. Thanks in advance for the help
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    Have you contacted Ivoclar tech support?
  3. DMC

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    How many output terminals from the main transformer to elements?

    Could be 2 or 4.

    If four....then you would wire two elements in series to 2
    ..and another set of elements in series to other two terminals.

    Otherwise....they are all in series from the terminals
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    We had some old German furnaces with two elements in series...x2.

    Possible to have two elements hot and other two open circuit.

    Most Chinese furnace are all four elements in one continuous series to transformer.
    Not parallel circuits of two elements each
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    We sell new furnace with 2 year warranty and extra elements for 2600.

    Always in stock
    Sold hundreds of them

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