Discussion in 'exocad' started by 2000markpeters, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. 2000markpeters

    2000markpeters Well-Known Member

    I know some of you smart guys are using Rhino out there. I am trying to fart around with it, but it is tough to learn. Are there any good guides or tutorials you guys used to learn at a more acceptable pace
  2. Zero Zero

    Zero Zero Guest

    I'm using it a lot...pretty good with the basics and parametric stuff...quite ok with curves, layers, offsets...struggle with the advanced stuff...
    I believe there are online courses you could sign up to...I've learned from the online help they got and from the YouTube vids...mind ya is a very complex software. ..it takes time to master...
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  3. 2000markpeters

    2000markpeters Well-Known Member

    thanks, i am using it to tweek implant connection designs, nice software, tough to learn....

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