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    Base on feedback we've gotten, I'd like to post some info to improve the user experience when designing screw retained bridges.
    First of all, when designing such bridges, there's two different scenarios which need to be treated differently - and exocad supports both.

    A) When you have ideally placed implants, what you want is a smooth transition between the tooth and the emergence profile area, so that it emerges from the gingiva like a natural tooth. So, the software must the tooth shape to the emergence profile margin.
    B) When you have NOT ideally placed implants (and we all know how often that happens...), we don't want to adapt the teeth to the implants at all. Instead, pontics should be used for all teeth, and these shouldn't be adapted to the implants at all.

    What happens quite often is that users set up the case for scenario A (thereby telling the software that they want adaptation to the implants!), when it's actually a case that falls in category B. The result are strangely distorted teeth, lots of free-forming necessary, and ultimately a frustrated user.

    So here's a quick image on how to set up cases correctly for the different scenarios. Hope this helps!

    Libray models to pontics.jpg
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