Sum 3d the right choice for milling implant connections?

Discussion in 'CAM software' started by nunomrts, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. DMC

    DMC hello

    Sorry to call you an idiot.
    SUM3d is not crap.
    Same deal as all other Industial CAM.
    They are selling lots of it, and nobody really trashing it online.
    I love it!

    9-10yrs for me now to use it.
  2. Chris02

    Chris02 Active Member

    Thank you that means a lot to me I also made a mistake to call it crap. What I really meant to say it is too powerful straight from the box for the average user to understand it complexity. Sum is a great product but the company needs to spend a little more time on documentation. In the states you have Mike who is fantastic but the resellers in the UK especially the Roland resellers have no clue on what they have sold. I try to help people who phone me with a little knowledge I know. But I don't have the time. I understand software and can write some g code but I don't have the time to sit and even delve into the guts of sum that really is a beast inside. You really are a good man and should be proud of your achievements and the skill and knowledge you have built up I know the hard work it takes to achieve the level you are at. Very best wishes Chris
  3. DMC

    DMC hello

    There are many levels of UI for SUM3d.

    Usually, 99% of people run it with many features and buttons hidden.

    Only see what they need to see.

    Like for the Roland users. Cut some simple copings and bridges out of soft material with basic tools. That's it!

    Resellers for that do not claim it can mill everything, but customers and owners still think they want to try different tools, and advanced geometry on the parts they are cutting, and changing strategy for some reason?
    This is where issues and questions arise.

    Wrong machine for the job, customer did not pay for that training and strategies, reseller does not have experience to help. So......yeah!

    You get what you pay for! Has nothing to do with SUM3d. Just business 101.
  4. v450

    v450 Active Member

    I echo the works of a CAM company exec - we have sold cam software for many years to industry, with few problems. It's impossible to comprehend what dental techs try do do with (sic) our software.

    There are reasons why most dental cam interfaces are trimmed back, and I can't speak more highly of the support of cimsystems in Italy. We have dealt with GO2cam, sum3d, multiple industrial cams, and totally support everything Scott says. Cams are a powerful tool that can cause monster problems in the wrong hands. They're not really end user modifiable for sensible reasons.
  5. denticious

    denticious Administrator Staff Member

    Milling metal in VHF S2 is the worst commercial thing ever published in the entire dental market..........

    Many people out there ''kill'' their machines because simply some resellers sold the VHF as a HAAS or whatever other big machine.........

    My advice .........use the machine for anything else except metal...........

    Regarding SUM3D ............I will describe it with 2 words '' GOD'S HAND'' on your mill.............

    Buy it and produce quality stuff
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  6. DMC

    DMC hello

    I really like the SUM !!

    No complaints

    We power 14 mills with One license!!

    Almost 10 years.

    We can mill anything we want

    I paid for top level training and support, and that is what I was delivered.

    It was much harder to learn that anything else I have done, except to master the stupid 3d systems printers
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  7. Chris02

    Chris02 Active Member

    This so true it is hard to master because it is logic in its conception the mathematical symbols used as icons are intuitive if you have a high level of mathematical ability. cim systems is a good company otherwise they would be out of business. it is testament to their software that has been sold successfully over a long time and their commitment to our industry in the future. I can see their direction of travel.Their new software Millbox is great for my way of thinking by simplifying the interface. Underneath is the real sum if you need it for addition features. It is a great package for the price. That is why I bought it after trying almost all the other cam software. Including follow me etc.
  8. DMC

    DMC hello

    It is not just the sum3d software, as Gianmarco explained.

    You need to be familiar with your machine's macros for tool measurement and tool-breakage detection...your machines limits for all sorts of things! How does your machine react to G0 vs/ G1....

    The difference between downmilling and upmilling and when to use them

    The correct way to use your tools. (How many flutes? What diameter? What coating?)

    The materials and what they require vs/ the tooling? What is your ideal chip size and rate of chips falling....

    on and on and on!!!
  9. Chris02

    Chris02 Active Member

    G1 straight line cut speed if you like me to write code I can I know the equations theses are not complex for me. I did this for years, g code is not difficult to write try some assembly code which I started on. Would you like some brain teaser equations to work on. We can trade math problems if you like. Would you like a break down of sum code and its dll libraries all theses terms are not new this basic cnc.
  10. Mike#1

    Mike#1 Moderator Staff Member

    Or You buy a custom friendly software that enables You to do it. Take Work NC and mill or premill or interface out of the puck. No matter if Ti or CrCo.
  11. DMC

    DMC hello

    All good CAM can do this!

    Same with SUM3d. If you buy the worlds cheapest mill (Roland) with basic version of CAM for very little money then do not expect to have this ability!

    I bet I can mill more Implant types than you with my version of SUM3d! :D
    Care to bet me?

    If you spend the time and money for premium CAM version with good CNC mill, then of course you can machine anything you want!

    SUM3d have geometry replace feature, same as Open Mind and Del CAM.

    I have been milling abutments and bars for Five years with SUM3d. Using SUM3d for almost 10 years now!

    It is just as good or better than WorkNC and cost less.

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  12. DMC

    DMC hello

  13. DMC

    DMC hello

    The Yellow is geometry we replace in CAM software.

    We made this library and added to SUM3d !

    I write the strategy 100% myself. Starting with nothing.

    You can do this? I know FrenchCADMAN can. But so can I with SUM3d. It does all and everything.

  14. DMC

    DMC hello

    I made this mill by the way!

    I designed the fixture and made it! One of a kind!

    We draw in CAD and add to sum3d for collision detection all parts of machine.

    I add custom Renishaw laser tool measurement myself also! No touch probe.

    Show me your "custom" mill and your fancy programming.
  15. DMC

    DMC hello

    Cheaper square of titanium. Any size, any thickness.

    Why get forced into only 98mm disks? They are expensive.

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  16. Chris02

    Chris02 Active Member

    Nice looking bars shame that people fit that shit in someone mouth one of the worst ways to treat someone.
  17. Drizzt

    Drizzt New Member

    Yo DMC hello there !!

    I think I am ready to change my CAM software for my Yena machines ! I talked with SUM3d to test it , and they wanted me to fly 3 people from Italy to my lab for three days just to test , wtf ??? Can't it be done reomotely ?
  18. Gianmarco Caramelli

    Gianmarco Caramelli CAM Engineer Staff Member

    Hi Drizzt,
    did you speak directly with CIMsystem?
    What you want to mill?
    By a remote session "everything" is possible.. installing the software, set it for your machines... and make errors too!
    I mean, to better explaing you our solutions and make milling test sure best way is always staying in front of machine while it's milling.
    For more info please email me.
  19. DMC

    DMC hello

    I suggest to pay for fly One person to you.
    It will be fun and important training you use forever!

    It is hard to do by remote, but of course possible.
    It will go slow....maybe faster to fly someone to you for fast custom support and training!
  20. Chris02

    Chris02 Active Member

    hypertext if you can read have an awesome manual might answer all your questions

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