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Discussion in 'CAM software' started by mpl, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. mpl

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    I`m trying to modify 350imes post for Yena machine. It uses standart ISO.
    It is already working post with proper axis orientation, limits, G55 stuff, strategy, tools and components etc
    The problem is the machine return error if it see a comment line starting at ";" sigh (originally actual comment for machine is a line enclose by "()" . There is no problem if I remove it by hand.
    So I need postprocessor to not add header with tool data, blank and milling time.
    I was triyng to:
    1) disable remarks everywhere (bold text is not a remark - it is always generated!)
    2) adding "[[" into header - it works, but again only for remarks
    3) adding "NOH" into customization codes - not working, the header with tool data still generated.

    It doesn`t added if I clear header file to merge in machine settings...but I need header to be added at the start of program))
    Is this can be handled? Is there any additional postprocessing stuff used by SUM other than standart ISO? If yes, where it placed so I can play with it?

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  2. leshi

    leshi Well-Known Member

    It can be closed part in post processor. Or it may not be the right customization code for your machine.

    For Imes machines, the ICD code is usually used with a specific number for certain models. Do not use this code for Yena machines.

    It can also be an instruction that is written in addition to the final iso file. They are written in separate files and not all machines use them.

    (update: but instructions are not used for comments)
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  3. mpl

    mpl Member

    Removing ICD code does the job, much thanks!

    Is the anywhere description for all customisation codes? I've seen some in manual, some in various PDF and PowerPoint training stuff, didn't saw ICD btw.
  4. leshi

    leshi Well-Known Member

    ICD code is used on Imes machines. This Cimsystem code provides when installing the machine. Most likely your machine requires a different code.
  5. mpl

    mpl Member

    It seems you are right about closed part of PP. If I remove ICD code - comments are not generated. BUT it doesn`t turn my premilled abatment and mill it in 3 axes only (I didn`t really mill, simulation show it to me). I tried add 4AXES or 5AXES into machine customization code with no luck (I`ve seen these codes with other machines). So for now I have to manually remove comments from NC code and everything is fine during milling, the toolpaths and surface at the end are much better than generated from Mayka/Yenadent even with relatively same milling conditions.

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