Temporary Shell Creation. Need Help

Discussion in '3shape software' started by Atanas Hadzhikostov, Mar 9, 2020.


Is it possible to create Shell from a waxup design

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  1. Atanas Hadzhikostov

    Atanas Hadzhikostov New Member

    Hello :)

    I am new to the forum. That is my first topic.
    Tried to look for answer of my question but since I could not find I am creating this thread, sorry if the issue is commented somewhere else and I did not find it.

    So on topic. I am trying to create a provisional shell. Lets imagine we have a patient who needs crown on tooth 11 and the anatomical crown is ok, the contacts are good but we want to change something and the only option is crown. I scan the patient, make my waxup and I want to create thin shell, lets say 0.2mm (printed, milled does not matter). After preparing the tooth I want to fill that shell with material for provisionals and place it as a temp crown.

    Do you have any idea where to begin with that case? :) in 3shape

    As far as I know in Exocad there is a module or a button to do that and it's pretty easy. Is there a way to make that shell from already done design?

    Thanks in advance ;)

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