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Discussion in '3D Scanners' started by Lanny Smith, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Lanny Smith

    Lanny Smith New Member

    I just wanted to say thanks to the folks at Old Dominion Dental. I bought a DOF scanner from them October of 2015. The scanner has worked perfectly since. However, a month or so ago the laptop that is connected to the scanner went dead. Of course, it happened at a time when it was really needed. I called Old Dominion to see how I could get some help with installing the scanner software on a new laptop. They dropped everything and logged in remotely to set up the software on a new laptop. Really incredible support considering they no longer even sell the scanner I bought and hadn't heard from me in 3 years. That is why I recommend anyone who is on the fence about buying from ODD to proceed with confidence. Thanks again ODD!
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  2. Elab

    Elab Active Member

    They have always given 100% to help me. Lightening storm fried my Medit and computer a few years ago (no surge protector, stupid me I know), they had a new DOF setup and running for me the next day (I added a surge protector of course).
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  3. EJADA

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    I totally agree. DMCs support is unsurpassed. I have two DOF HDs I purchased from them. I can’t say enough about the training and ongoing help.
    Thank you Meg Jake Brad etc..
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  4. Kongo-Otto

    Kongo-Otto Love on first bite!

    Agree on that, bought an used exo dongle linked to Dominion. DMC offered me to change the license to a german reseller. i refused and that was a good decision. When there is trouble with exocad the response time from DMC and Team is faster then my local reseller. Asked for help early in the morning german time and 15 minutes later Jake solved the problem with Teamviewer! Great Team !
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  5. harmonylab

    harmonylab Member

    couldn't agree more. companies out east shut down so early, but dominion was on late to install for us. everyone I've dealt with was incredibly prompt and helpful. exceptional service!
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  6. Kvonn3gut

    Kvonn3gut Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you everyone. We do our best here to support our customers. It's nice to get feedback every now and then! :coffee

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