Venture (VDM10.5)

Discussion in 'CNC Machines' started by leshi, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. leshi

    leshi Active Member

    Has anyone worked on this machine or on a similar 5-axis model?
    We are looking for manual for this machine.
  2. Art

    Art Active Member

    I have been working with vdm 15.5 10.4 and 1.4. No manuals are left, but I can answer you something if remember :)
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  3. leshi

    leshi Active Member

    How to calibrate 5 axis? This is not in the center of the disk.
  4. Art

    Art Active Member

    There is option named "job initial position"
    Take this. It is stl cube. Mill it without scale in pmma or zro2. Place it by axis. Then measure difference between sides. Change jobinitialposition by difference/2. Mill cube again.

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  5. leshi

    leshi Active Member

    This calibration we know how to do. We made caps like Imes for this calibration. Here we need to find another value.


    The center of the disk and the center of rotation of the axis A do not coincide. We need to find this offset. And we need to find where to change it in the program of the machine.
  6. Art

    Art Active Member

    I changed this value in sum3d in postprocessor option for each machine. This is the easiest way. To find center point you need to use [​IMG]

    Insert it into spindle, move it to ≈ center, touch border of holder, rotate indicator. You will see arrow moving. You should move spindle x and y to make arrow stand still while you rotate indicator. It always should me in touch with holder.
    In sum3d this values
    will help you to move zero point.
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  7. leshi

    leshi Active Member

    The second image did not load, but I probably understood what was there.

    In our codes of customization we use OSX. Did you try OFFSETX?

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