Virtual Articulator Collection =)

Discussion in 'exocad' started by joshuaCAD/CAM, Jun 25, 2018.

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    can someone re-activate this link please? :)
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    Hi im lm lookinng for stratos 300!
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    Hello experts.

    Is there someone who can help me

    Some time ago I made a Dentatus articulator with rhinoceros 5 (as pictured) and I would like to use it with Exocad.
    Is there any software to insert it into the library of articulators?
    A little bit how does ExoImplantEditor for implant mathematicians work?



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    share the link please, thanks
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    can someone share this file again?pleeeeease!
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    can someone share this file again?
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    PLEASE!! share the file again
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    Trank you Cadfan, but i am to Late Tool

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    Please share this folder again
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    I would like it as well please!
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    aww... missed it
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    bad post.
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    thank you good sir!!!
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    wait two weeks than i am back and activate it for a week
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    I thought I had the collection and want to share with my colleagues, but I realize that was the other collection with close name from archive. sorry :(
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    I have this library. I don't know if is common or interesting one.
    bio-art A7 Plus
    bio-art A7 Plus_Adjustable
    Denar Mark 330
    Panadent PCH

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