Virtual Articulator Collection =)

Discussion in 'exocad' started by joshuaCAD/CAM, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Graf_Zahn

    Graf_Zahn New Member

    Thank you Cadfan, hope you are okay

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  2. jmn

    jmn Christian Member

    Thank you both!
    Looking to get into the game this year and collecting all the toys I can.
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  3. sidesh0wb0b

    sidesh0wb0b Active Member

  4. honigred

    honigred New Member

    Thanks Cadfan.......but......why does this happen?[​IMG]

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  5. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    Because these are just the stl files of the articulators.
    Further work is needed to make the articulators operate properly in exocad.
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  6. Maxim89

    Maxim89 Member

    thank you very much for the files
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  7. martiblac_4

    martiblac_4 New Member

    Podrías compartir una vez mas? Gracias
  8. ulaprostho

    ulaprostho New Member

    Could you guys please share the STLs for the articulators again? Thanks...
  9. Mofm

    Mofm Active Member

    Hello Guys !
    Someone have Reference Sl (LF) SLAVICEK ARTICULATORS maybe ? please share :)
  10. Mofm

    Mofm Active Member

    Could you guys please share the articulators again? Thanks in advence !!!!!!!!!
  11. Magicsegler

    Magicsegler New Member

    Hallo bin gerade neu dazu gekommen, wäre super wenn Ihr die Artikulatoren nochmal teilt.
  12. L1940BQ

    L1940BQ New Member

    Hi, Reference Sl (LF) SLAVICEK ARTICULATORS (gamma) please share
  13. alfonso

    alfonso New Member

    can someone please reactivate the link, thanks
  14. Agustin_oly

    Agustin_oly New Member

    can you please !!! share again! thanks a lot!
  15. rudi_9999

    rudi_9999 New Member

    Hey there, can someone share the link again? please
  16. Kimoo

    Kimoo New Member

    Can some one share the link again please ??
  17. Andi Bizhuta

    Andi Bizhuta Andy 700

    can you share for me please?
  18. Andi Bizhuta

    Andi Bizhuta Andy 700

    can you share for me please
  19. Igorek247

    Igorek247 New Member

    Anyone can please re-share? Link is dead =(

    DENTTSS New Member

    Hi im lm lookinng for referens SL!!! please!

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