What CAD do you use to design surgical guides?

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  1. mroberts

    mroberts Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering what software you all are using for designing your surgical guides?
    How's it compare with others you've used or heard of?
    Is it expensive? Annual fees involved?
    Does it export open .stl files?

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  2. GuideMia Europe

    GuideMia Europe New Member Staff Member

    Hello BirdLady

    Do you know about our software GuideMia?

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  3. GuideMia Europe

    GuideMia Europe New Member Staff Member


    Please feel free to read this slide presentation in order to learn more about our software........

  4. GuideMia Europe

    GuideMia Europe New Member Staff Member

    Annual fees arent involved at all............

    Its compatible with all CT SCAN, milling machines, 3D printers..........

    It exports STL file.

    What is your profession ?
  5. DMC

    DMC In the Matrix

    I am interested!

    We manufacture for others, and sell 3d scanners and CAD/CAM software.....also service and sell 3d systems 3d printers that can be used to make USA FDA approved surgical guides.

    Birdlady works for me, and this is my site.....and we are happy you joined. She brings Two birds to works daily.

    This is very new stuff and for sure will continue to grow! Good luck and maybe we end up buying?

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  7. DMC

    DMC In the Matrix

    It is closed bull-shit and cannot do 1/2 what exocad can.......and cost more!

    :wacky: :confused: o_O :( :poop:poop:poop:poop:poop:poop

    exocad = 100% fully open.

    You can design your own implant system from start to finish and add to exocad for free.

    3shape is garbage dude.

    I can design my own scan markers and implant system 100% and add to exocad for nothing! FREE!

    You cannot do that with 3shape even WITH money~!!! lol

    Send to anyone.....machine on anything.

    This is what fully- OPEN means....and 1/2 the annual license fee IF someone decides to do this. It is not necessary of course with exocad.

    We have all features of 3shape and more....for less cost.

    I am sorry to argue, but I must!

    You are welcome to reply.

    Please keep in mind that exocad is much cleaner software and has almost zero bugs and problems! It works! every time! With your choice of over 100 different scanners and IOS, including Trios.

    Very few updates, and when they do happen it is NOT bug fixes. It is real improvements. An actual step-forward.....not backwards! :D

    They have caught up to, and exceeded 3Shape now. It is official.

    I urge you to re-consider ASAP your business model!!
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  8. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    There are better options than 3Shape for planning implant. Open system Romexis. It is cheaper than 3Shape and the implant library is global not limited to 3Shape legal agreements. 60+ libraries
  9. Chris Silvoy

    Chris Silvoy Well-Known Member

    GuideMia is great software for designing surgical guides
    Go back and forth from GuideMia and exocad easily
    Super flexible to use and modify like exocad
    Super powerful (like Sum3D) but easy enough for anyone with basic training to create guides
    Can be used to create bone models
    Can be used to calculate volumes (for grafting, etc)
    There is a pay to export STL, but that is one time, can export as many things for that case as you want.
    3Shape software is VERY easy, but it is expensive and it is closed. Implants, Sleeves, drill, etc....all at their mercy
    GuideMia export quality is superb. Very good, possibly the best I have ever used (and I have used almost all)

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  10. GuideMia Europe

    GuideMia Europe New Member Staff Member

    Also I forgot to mention that apart from the already big implant library that is included already in GuideMia software, the end user can create his own implant library any time he wants with the implant components of his preference, totally free and almost in zero time.
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  11. GuideMia Europe

    GuideMia Europe New Member Staff Member

    Good morning Scott

    Please let me know your email in order to contact you directly and to arrange anything

    Maybe we could even organize a demo event for you and your partners , in order for everyone to see that he will be capable to do with GuideMia
  12. DMC

    DMC In the Matrix

    Yes, it can actually.....and we can sell it very soon! Maybe by end of month.

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  13. DMC

    DMC In the Matrix

    Or, if you are smart.....you can use bite-splint module and attachment to cut the holes yesterday and today to make surgical guide. Maybe One day I teach you something! ;)
    Fully open if you know how to use the tools of exocad.
  14. Chris Silvoy

    Chris Silvoy Well-Known Member

    Scott, exactly. exocad does almost all of the functions.
    GuideMia does automatic drilling calculations, knows all the sleeve diameters, kit parameters, etc....
    Crazy what exocad can do...
    Frank (GuideMia creator) and Larry know each other very well.
    GuideMia's chief audience for several years have been exocad users.

    If I am understanding the current state of things, exoplan will be available soon, but the actual creation of guides?!?!?!
    That may be some time later due to stoopid FDA.
    So it will still require the use of another program for guide, or learning to use splint module and attachments for holes.....

    I use GuideMia almost every day. I will post two new cases to the implant planning forum later today or tomorrow.
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  15. DMC

    DMC In the Matrix

    No....exocad does not care about FDA.

    If a 3rd party wants to make exocad based software that is FDA approved, then exocad will help make this happen.

    BUT at the same time, they will continue to give us all the tools to do it anyways!

    Yes, some branded version of exocad will include FDA approved this and that......whoopee-doo~!

    But you and I both know we can go beyond that with exocad, and Larry tells me this will never change.

    What fucking good is planning Implants without a means to make a guide!! ??
    Of course you would be able to make a guide. Don't be retarded.
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  16. GuideMia Europe

    GuideMia Europe New Member Staff Member

    Good evening Scott . Please let me know your email in order to bring you in contact with my colleague Frank about GuideMia.

    He is locating in

    GuideMia Technologies, LLC

    5030 Katella Ave, Ste 209

    Los Alamitos, CA 90720



    Take teeth in right directions
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