which Intra Oral Scanner ????

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    Hi @||,

    one of our customers whats to buy a IO Scanner ........what you guys recommend ?

    Price / Quality / support / and open of course

    this customer is using on old cerec unit...

  2. 2thm8kr

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    Trios and Planscan are the 2 market leaders right now.

    Most expensive IO scanner that I know of. It is fast on the initial scan, but to get high detail the operator has to take High Def single images of the preparation areas after the initial scan which adds time to the overall scan. Still image data capture.
    Yearly fees are pretty expensive(I don't know the exact numbers) and you have to pay an extra license or buy Dental Designer module to export stl files. It is not easy for someone who is not that good with computers to get the files out.
    Don't know who the distributor is in Iceland, but they would be your only connection for support. If you don't pay the yearly license fee the Trios wont work. This is not a fully open system, unless you want to pay to play.

    Cost in the States is about $25K first year of warranty is included in the price. Live High Def video capture via blue laser light camera. After first year warranty is around $1600, but not necessary, the software will not shut down. Support is directly from the manufacturer E4D/Planmeca.
    With the warranty you get what is called Service On Site, S.O.S. They will remote in and instruct or trouble shoot any issues the operator is having. The will also repair/replace any defective equipment as long as it is warrantied by the yearly warranty fee. (We keep the yearly warranty). If the warranty is not purchased the operator will have to cover the costs of any repair or replacement and hourly fee for S.O.S. after the initial warranty expires.
    Stl file rendering is instant and export is simple. Planmeca/E4D also have a version of exocad to be released here in the States in the very near future. This is a fully open system

    The other IO scanner systems I am familiar with require the scan files to be sent 'somewhere' for data clean up and stl rendering, which can take up to a few days.

    I use both the Trios(on occasion) and Planscan (everyday). I would buy the Planscan again over the Trios unless 3Shape had similar fees and direct support like Planscan.

    Either of these two scanners will be better than cerec and more open.
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  3. I am sure this might help you:

    Working at Zurich I have started a blog where I have just posted a summary of all (=18) different Intraoral Scanners available on the market!
    You can download the PDF File "Intraoralscanner IDS Review 2015" at my site : zdigitaldentistry.com

    In my opinion the right choice of the right intraoral scanner strictly depends on the indications you want to treat - in the Review article you will therefore find a section for implantology, orthodontics and chairside or labside procedures!

    Would be nice to get your feedback!

    Greetings from Zurich
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    Did you lecture in Orlando, Fl. last October?
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    Nice summary of the intra oral scanners. A lab scanner version would be nice too.
  6. 2thm8kr

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    I would say DMC would be more knowledgeable regarding lab scanners. Maybe you can coax him into a breakdown and the different scan heads used and their advantages/disadvantages.
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    I agree! I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the Medit Blue scanner when I'm ready. Then of course, I'd have to choose who to buy from. My first choice is Scott, but 2 of his competitors have a presence in my area. I just have some issues preventing me purchasing a scanner right now.
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    Oiyab, if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to call us here at DMC. We will help you get a scanner in any way we can!
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  9. @Oiyab: thanks for the feedback!

    Already working on the lab scanner summary :)
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    Grüzi in die Schweiz what i almost miss in all these charts is accuracy research and especially edge acurracy . In the past the only scanner i know was the biodentis who made a statement about edge accuracy ( i think it was 78 my ). And what else is a margin line than a edge ???
  11. @cadfan
    I see - I am with the right guys in this forum :) Perfect!

    Concerning intraoralscanner accuracy:
    I have those data available for almost every intraoral scanner I mentioned in the Intraoral Scanner review on my blog. What also might be interesting for you is a comparison with conventional impression materials - also available :)

    Accuracy tests of intraoral scanners is one of my main research interests. Currently I am working on a new blog article about this. We have developed a special method to mesure the accuracy also in vivo using a special software tool....that really works great :) So just stay tuned - I will let you know when the blog article is published...

    Concerning the edge accuracy:
    ...above all strongly depending on the material and the milling/grinding machine I would say! Also for this I can give you some information in the near future. Right know there are very interesting compound materials that I am testing.
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