Zirconzahn cutback library for Exocad

Discussion in 'exocad' started by dimitrimkd, Mar 4, 2016.

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    is there any program that can crash DRM for exocad ? Like this one: http://drmcrusher.info/ for musicSmashPC
  3. lucky54

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    No sdfa files are not supportet,

  4. I would be happy to trade the Origin HD Library for the ZircoZahn hero.. Anyone?
  5. So Correct me if I am wrong but isnt it practiacally impossible to get this library ourside of purchasing it from ZZ and having thier system? Because if it was not bought from ZZ then basically it is just going to be someones attempt to take the basic esthetics/anatomy then turn those shapes and sizes into a functioning library where the tooth models can be moved, manipulated and formed. Because depending on who created the library it could be completely useless and a large pain in the $$# to use, unless they really took the time to develop the models and figure out exactly how to place the stops and coordinates/postions ect . You may think this is a stupid point and easy to avoid this problem by going in and fixing the library (this can be very hard, and time consuming)........ IF THIS IS YOU, LET ME KNOW!!!! ARE YOU A EXOLIBRARY WIZARD???? SEND ME A PM!!!

    A "Perfect Library" and i mean perfect, would be a huge game changer for all of us.
  6. biodentg

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    New build for Exocad will include this feature, the anatomical cutback. No need to get a different library.
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    what's number has new build for exocad with the anatomical cutback?
  8. Rune

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    @Cad Tecno 3d
    We will find out when it arrives.
    Number is kind of based on days from first compilation.

    @Mitch Stowe CDT
    Im no wizzard, but i don't agree on the pain in the ass part:)
    However, i have tried to buy it from zz, and it's as you say impossible unless you buy full "modellier"
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  9. @Mitch Stowe CDT
    Im no wizzard, but i don't agree on the pain in the ass part:)
    However, i have tried to buy it from zz, and it's as you say impossible unless you buy full "modellier"[/QUOTE]

    If you have ever tried to design a big case using a custom library that someone rushed or didnt know what they were doing, I think you might agree its a pain in the ass.
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    HI guys can i heave this library ?

    PERFECTFFIT New Member


    PERFECTFFIT New Member

    do you share this file?

    CADCAMED New Member

    Please can i have it ?
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    Mitch, what is the HD Libs and how do they compare to Zahn libs
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    all wants to have everything but no one want to share anything .. it's a bullshit guys and no one will share his time spent on these files
    i have them all but i wont give anything if you dont share some of your hidden treasure :3
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    You can begin to share the first the treasures :)! You will be followed by others and you receive that you want, probably, maybe, most likely, I hope for it....
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    a great statement for a member that is there one day.:) This is not a bazaar but a very useful forum for all questions around Cad / Cam
    I am glad to be member here.
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    most members are r located also in exocad experts where i had a good experiance about sharing and explaining there :3
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    What's exocad experts?? Don't mind me I'm a numbskull.
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    I assume that it is about group in FB

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