Astra (dentsply) EV tibase library

Discussion in 'exocad' started by Rune, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    Homebrew library for Astra Ev tibase is tested and finnished:)
    Made for use with Atlantis flo kit and original astra tibase.
    3.0mm, 3.6mm, 4.2mm, 4.8mm, and 5.4mm in 1mm and 2mm height.
    Connection geometry is hacked from the 3shape library since dentsply DENIED to share them!
    Dentsply know i'm making this library, and they know about the geometry so the library is safe to use.

    Thanks to all fantastic people here at 3d-dental for help!

    Send pm for download :)
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  2. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    How about solid ti abutmetns?
  3. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    Looking for quality assured files. I have all, but i'm not sure the geometry is correct.
    I never mill the connections with the implant myself due to warranty etc.
  4. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    Thats always the problem some replace them in the cam some are production optimized shit stuff if i have time i work on caml... they replace , use them for pmma try in

    for Fc the crap dedicam manager from his second best company delcam would be changed in the near future tried to upload some part on Friday always confused to see delcam outfit and logic not sure i have to drink a bottle scotch before for understanding.
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  5. ICEcad

    ICEcad Well-Known Member

    ti base library ???
  6. James

    James Member

    Haha Exopower! cheers for sharing, how overpriced are the Astra Tibase compared to say dess or nt?
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  7. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    In Norway 10% more expensive than DAS and NTT.
    DAS only have 4.2 and 4.8. NTT have no EV.
    DAS an NTT are approx the same price here.
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  8. Radu

    Radu New Member

    Can we discuss on private please? i am using kavo artica, you sent me the files, i am using exocad aswell, but the files dont work.
  9. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    Have sendt you a pm.
    Tell me what is wrong, and we will get you up and running :)
  10. James

    James Member

    Zz have the lot for Astra EV and I think they're like 45 Euro a base? Just fyi if you're not into brand on brand... I think das and nt are a little more (at least in UK) I'll probably end up using this tho ;) cheers man
  11. ICEcad

    ICEcad Well-Known Member

    I use Ti-Bases for Astra from ZirkonZahn in my oem Exocad....Ti Bases are cheap from them.
    Scanbody litle bit pricy...but the Atlantis flo kit is also expensive...

    Medetika is telling me they ready in March :)
  12. ICEcad

    ICEcad Well-Known Member

    Ti Base from ZZ is 45 € got one last week for EV....But they dont have the long ti bases like Medentika will have
  13. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    I use a lot of medentika, and a few das. ZZ have long shipping time to norway so it will create problems for delivery times.
    However, in norway the manufacturers have imprinted the dentists that original on original is the only way, waranty void etc. etc., and there are a few dentists that actually hooks on this and want original, and others that realize that this is bullcrap. In the astra case, they have lifetime warranty on implants and parts, and that is a good sales argument.
    Until now, tibases on ev was only available through das and zz (and mist), and i have been using some das. When i invoice, i charge for the actual components so the dentist pays 30 euro more for a crown on original if they want original.
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  14. James

    James Member

    we have and do the same things regarding the whole 'genuine on genuine' propaganda
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  15. jvabadsantos

    jvabadsantos New Member

    Please send my the files

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  16. Jarda Krivsky

    Jarda Krivsky New Member

    Could you send me the files, please?

    Thank you.
  17. Bas

    Bas New Member

    Can I receive these files? I want to design and print a Tibase pick-up to hold them while sandblasting them before lutting them in the Emax restaurations
  18. alyaks

    alyaks New Member

    Hello please send me this files
  19. NOIX

    NOIX New Member

    Does anyone know, if is original Astra superstructure library for (IO) FLO-S scan bodies (on uniabutments) open or it is dump library? I need open library for making superstructures on original uniabutments but without Atlantis solutions.
    Thanks for help!
  20. lifelikedental

    lifelikedental New Member

    Can i get this library? Thank you

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