CEREC Intra-Oral File Conversions to STL

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  1. mroberts

    mroberts Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everyone!

    Does anyone know of a software that can convert the newer CEREC files to .stl files?? I've been having more and more requests for this recently, especially from doctors, who purchased the intra-oral scanner by CEREC.

    Or does such conversion software exists at all??

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  2. I've been waiting to see if anyone responded, but it looks like not yet. I, too, would like to know. As far as I know of their past history, Sirona's Cerec system is closed and doesn't like playing friendly with other systems. They say it's 'open' but it only becomes 'open' when the corresponding lab purchases expensive equipment to get the Sirona software, despite not needing said equipment.
  3. moh

    moh Active Member

    Hello, Please send me an example of those files, I will try.. not sure!
    Email : labo3d@outlook.com
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  4. DocteurC

    DocteurC New Member


    The only way to convert to stl is to buy inlab 15 or 16 with "interface module". You need to send the file thought the sirona connect portal, then downloard it into inlab and after that export to STL. I do that all day long to work with Zirkonzahn..
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  5. jess

    jess New Member

    Hi all,

    Pretty new at this. Does anyone know the cost of the inlab15 with the interface module?
    And does it come with unlimited export/import stl?

    Thanks in advance!
  6. TiboC

    TiboC New Member

    In france inlab with all modules 5500€
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  7. jess

    jess New Member

    Thank you!!!
  8. Zdental

    Zdental Member

    As i heard it's possible for the doctors to buy a software to export STL files. Why the tecnicans should care about it if this idiots continue buying stuff from Sirona? I will never understand that:arghh:
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  9. DBSfm

    DBSfm New Member

    I can input sirona files to stlfiles
  10. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    You have a list of the Sirona file types you can convert into stl?
  11. DBSfm

    DBSfm New Member

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  12. Darcio Schimidt

    Darcio Schimidt New Member

    For users using software inLab 4.0+ or CEREC SW 4 there is a DONGLE that allows exporting STL files.

    For inLab 15+ users the export of STL files is native.
  13. Anyone2007

    Anyone2007 New Member

    it's better to buy illegal inlab 16.1 it's not costly at all
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  14. torquadon

    torquadon Member

    Is it really better to steal something than purchase it? I could agree it is easier, but by no means better... I understand you do not like Sirona, but surely it is not a reason to steal from them. @DMC I am a bit surprised you "like" this post, would you also like if all of your customers acquired illegal Exocad?
  15. Anyone2007

    Anyone2007 New Member

    Dear Torquadon :
    Thank you for your kind reply ... and i am sure it will be wise negotiation .. for the prices what is in the market ,, it just limited with people who is rich or he have to get credit from bank .. what about people who have monthly income as 150$ , no need to fix thier teeth , because who put 8000€ price of software , sure this service it will stay with people who have high monthly income .. buying software 8000€ then upgrade 2000€ then annual fees ... an not saying steal from them but at least they have to take care about all people , why thier prices isn’t depond on the country level .. believe me if they take care about this piont so after that impossible anybody have it as cracked version , let’s consider that you are living in a country not even able to buy the software or cad-cam .. pay 150€ and buy full version Exocad or pay 10000€ in legal way , why these high prices ?? Windows version which the greatest and most important software you can buy it by 200$ .. in this life nobody care about spreading science .. they care about when he will buy his privet jet and don’t give a care about low level people .. and by the way am not communism.. but i hate somebody ask high price for any level of people because it’s science helping people who don’t have teeth .. not trading
  16. torquadon

    torquadon Member

    I am happy to have a discussion regarding software pricing. I see it totally differently tough. If I cannot afford let's say a Mercedes car I would rather go for Ford than start openly advising on stealing from Mercedes. You will always have people who can afford 30k implant restorations as well as people who can afford simple dentures even in well-developed counties, if you have an issue with that then you have an issue with free market and capitalism in general. I agree there are companies that are very unrealistic with their pricing, I just stay away from them. I believe it is not a case of necessity as you try to put it, at the and of the day you can always make dental restorations without cad/cam system, plenty technicians would argue it is still a better way of doing it. I can see how a lot of people prefer Exocad simply because it is cheaper and still very powerful software. We use Exocad, 3Shape and old Sirona software just to import case into 3Shape, I understand not every lab can afford this but here in the UK there are plenty labs without a scanner and they are still functioning and providing high-quality restorations. I am not trying to attack anyone, I just want to say that purchasing illegal software is the simplest way to put yourself out of business and in my opinion high pricing does not excuse your dishonesty. Please remember that Sirona is keeping high prices because there are plenty dentists who will pay for it.

    I believe the biggest problem in the industry is lack of regulation on output files, they should be open. It would eliminate all problems with forcing people to buy particular software, you could choose tolls you work with and in a long run prices would become more fair. I know I am a dreamer...
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  17. Abbas Kothary

    Abbas Kothary New Member

    Hello, Kindly advice what are your charges for converting the Cerec intra oral scan files to work with Dental Wings. You can email me seperately at kotharyabbas@gmail.com

  18. moh

    moh Active Member

    Hi, I sent you an email

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