de-encrypt dcm using crossmanager software ??

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  1. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    Anyone here tried to convert encrypted dcm files with datakit crossmanager?
    I have some implant components i need to convert to a proper format:)
  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Have you try to import into exocad? (Stupid question maybe?)

    No good? This is the really closed type of .dcm?

    Never hear of this data kit crossthing?

    Of course, there are Two types of .dcm

    One is possible to de-encrypt with exocad, and the other is not.

    crossmanager has nothing I need except if possible to de-encrypt the closed version of the dcm.

    Thanks for the info of this software! I never see this before.
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  3. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    What implant stuff?
  4. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    Dentsply ev.
    Will make exo lib for dentsply ev tibases.
    Exo tells me dcm is encrypted:arghh:
    Do not know if crossmanager will decrypt??
    Anyways, we have other ways to accomplish what i need.
    Have contacted dentsply and asked them to give up the files, or else i will actually make a "pirate" one with less accuracy.
    Ofcourse, i will share here:)
  5. Codfish Joe

    Codfish Joe Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Rune,
    Mr. Hakarl here, work for Scott @DMC

    DDG (Target 3D) library in ExoCAD already has the Astra EV (Densply)
    We can give you this library in you need.

    Have pre-milled base or custom abutment option.

    email jake @3D-dental d0t c0m
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  6. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    Me like. :drool: Will download as soon as you are ready.
    Less manual labour.
    The premilled bases, are they from ddg or das or dentsply?
  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    yes indeed!

    Already exist for exocad.

    Of course the DDG scan markers and library are for DDG pre-milled base.

    I doubt will work for DENTSPLY base?
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  8. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    I will add dentsply base library :cool:
    Just got hold of the original connection geometry for the first of five.
  9. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Why you need digital library for stupid pre-milled base?

    Waste of time Rune!

    Just scan the actual Ti base as a normal prep and go!


    We never use scan marker for Ti base and Glue Zr to top.

    I think is wrong way to do this. Fit is always poor for me.
  10. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    What scanning procedures do you use? spacing? spray? Wax in hole?
    My fit is better with scanbody.... Always a little adjustment inside if scanning base.
  11. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Depends on the angle of wall for the Ti base.

    If wall is perfect parallel, then you need a little more spacer of course.

    Some base have little taper to the wall....convergent walls of ?? 4 degree or less...but not 0 degree.

    The cement spacer is really depend on so many things!

    What scan spray you use? How thick is that layer?

    Does your spindle have a lot of run-out?

    I certainly hope you can scan some object and make a piece of Zr to fit correct.

    If not, then you have bigger problems to correct first in your workflow.

    Yes, we fill the hole....and make hole manually (Digital) with exocad.

    The hole is much better doing this. You can define the diameter you want and the placement....just a little larger than head of screw.

    You can make this hole at angle even! I think not possible using scan marker technique Rune?

    We find so many Ti base are NOT the same height and diameter as the CAD file Rune.

    Somewhere in manufacturing process, things change. The actual Ti base are often not what they should be!

    That method is NOT more accurate. We prove this many times to customers.

    Over and over....:(

    We strongly suggest to just scan the actual Ti base.

    Also, you have option to cut some of the Ti base if you want before scanning.

    Make shorter, or cut angle for Anterior implants that have bad placement angle.

    Don't make me punch some common sense into you please sir!

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  12. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    Totally agree with this point. Those things are all over the place. Some libraries fit like a glove, some sloppy as hell, and some too tight. Drives me nuts! I hate hybrid abutments! You are better off to make your own titanium custom base, scan and make a crown for it. Experimenting with this and it is so much more predictable.
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  13. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    Scanner and mill performs real good. Use same developer spray as you.
    Layer thickness.... better than most expensive dental sprays, but i have not measured.
    Scanning gloss metal still seems like a "problem". Mabee i should try more spray:)
    I use alot of medentika, and the fit is real good. Have done a few nt tradings with variable result as you describe.
    Have also used a few das, but i had to redraw the geometry to get proper results.
    I will order some ddg parts to test, but its real easy to use medentika due to the fact that a dealer in norway always have them in stock.
    It's also nice to be able to design and mill even if you don't have the part inhouse:)
  14. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    Medentika for president never had a problem scanmarkers could be a bit better and camlog is King or Kaiser their turning stations run one hour before they start to produce . ZZ has intelligent scanmarker replace geometry but never tried.
  15. French Cadman

    French Cadman Administrator Staff Member

    I use the same parameters for ZZ and medentika Ti base with scaning scanbody ....

    0,082 and extra gap 0,02 and always the same result since Exocad exist ....

    I like ! :D
  16. French Cadman

    French Cadman Administrator Staff Member

    I like your picture Scotty when you was young and determinate !
    Nothing has changed ...

    Beautiful baby !

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  17. harrydiculous

    harrydiculous Administrator Staff Member

    I have Crossmanager and does a good job with 3 Shape DCM files to STL, if you want to send me some files to try i will convert them for you.
    Dunno about encrypted...but we can at least give it a try.
  18. Rune

    Rune The force is strong

    Sendt you one in a pm.
  19. harrydiculous

    harrydiculous Administrator Staff Member

    No luck I'm afraid....
  20. harrydiculous

    harrydiculous Administrator Staff Member


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