Exocad Custom Multi-Unit Abutment

Discussion in 'exocad' started by limajecar, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. limajecar

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    Hi guys!

    how can I design a Custom Abutment with a Multi-Unit head in Exocad?

    I would like to design an abutment that thas this kind of geometry:
    -it has to be screw-retained with a direct implant connection
    -has a stock multi-unit head instead of an individual crown bottom interface
    -has multi-unit head insertion direction parallel with secondary insertion view
    -has individual abutment bottom that has a custom margin line
    -the design process should have a final restoration design implemented in the same dental case, e.g. dental bridge with direct multi-unit connection to the custom multi-unit abutment, or overdenture design on the bar with pillars that have a direct implant connection

    Did anyone design something similar before? Please be kind and share your experience, I will be forever grateful to you =)


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