Hello. Does anyone have information on how the curves are called and for what do they serve?

Discussion in 'CAM software' started by Pavel, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Pavel

    Pavel Active Member

    Hello. Does anyone have information on how the curves are called and for what do they serve? (-DM-0, -DM-0 / 001i, etc.)

    Best regards
  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    They are required to define specific areas, or geometry for cam to use

    Many CAM software will auto-create them during import. Searching for flat planes, holes, centerline of holes, margin edge, and more

    Exocad and 3shape both export the coordinates and names of curves in a separate file for CAM to use.

    It is a system both software agree to use. This makes importing files faster for cam when the additional files are used (CONSTRUCTIONINFO)

    Also this eliminates any guess by the CAM software if the curves are already identified by CAD software
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  3. Pavel

    Pavel Active Member

    Is there a manual for these curves? with a description
  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    You can see them and the names in sum3d or your cam.

    So....there is no question.


    Why do you ask?

    What curve is giving your trouble?
  5. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Only a few people in Dental know about curves and how to use them correctly in CAM anyways.

    It is not a common topic. You can see in your strategy....each operation and how the operation is using the curves.

    You will see the names.
  6. mpl

    mpl Member

    Getting back to this.
    Is there any reference of how curves names are generated during import? And how their "wildcard" works?
    The question isn`t about that... I understand curves handling for boundary offset (like -DM-0- for part boundary), 2-curves machining stuff (like -DM-01i/-DM01e for prepline), screwchannel curves etc. The question is how they are generated during import, and their internal meaning, because (again!) there is no any reference anywhere. I`m so pissed off I have to reverse engineer stuff I paid for! This is not something I have to learn from some guy from Italy, I understand how CAM works in general. But for such things - documentation solve 90% issues.
  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    import into what?

    Cad or cam?

    Some curves already come from ios if margin is marked.

    Why not just cut to the chase and tell us why you need to know any if this?

    You trying to be cheap and using non-dental cam or what exactly
  8. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    who is "they" and what wildcard you talking about?
  9. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Exocad contnstrutiininfo contains already these curves and names. Or... if not using that then dental specific cam will use auto recognition of some features and define new curves with correct names.

    What the fuck you doing over there exactly? Sound like you are trying to use some non-dental cam to me. That will be a nightmare senerio
  10. mpl

    mpl Member

    I'm doing regular job: importing handreds of stl into sum3d daily. Since we using both multiple 3shape and exocad, we stick at NOT using additional data (construction info) for various reasons. Mostly it makes messy curves on importing into sum3d. We also use multiple hyperdent licences and cad data imported just fine.

    So when we importing file into sum3d, there is no additional cad data coming with stl at same path. That says, I understand, when importing sum3d automatically detect implant interfaces, screwchannels, margin lines, build boundary curves, special layers (at some point depending on which part type you choose). That's great feature and saves so much time (in hyperdent i have to mark screwchannel and abatement base for any part if they didn't came with correct cad data).

    The issue is we mil not only what we design but also stl files (dental) from thousands other labs around the country. Something they are at good level understanding what they do, sometimes we have to manually remove unnecessary curves and layers after import because of bad design from they side. So I want to know is there a possibility to modify or disable some features around curves and layers detection algorithm.
  11. mpl

    mpl Member

    About wildcards.
    If i have for example in the strategy boundary curve set as -DM-01e, I understand - when applying strategy to project, job shared itself for any matched curves like -DM-02e, -DM-03e etc. But there isn't any description anywhere that "e" stands for external margin line. Same for screwchannel curves names, special milling area (drawn by hand), other curves like a, c.

    Yes, for most jobs you don't have to know all that shit. But as a CAM engineer who design strategy from blank (though I used roland factory strategy as reference at the beginning), I have to know how everything works in as deep level as possible. Otherwise I can't use cam software with best results.
  12. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    We do not use any curves from constructioninfo or from 3shape for 14yrs now.
    No issues.

    I paid good money many times to CIMSystems to fly to me and give us complete training.
    Sound like you should have the money to do that to!

    So, send email to CIMSystems and have someone fly to you for a week and show you everything.
    Same thing I did many times!

    It is impossible to figure this out by yourself without help from cimsystems, or someone that knows.
    It takes a lot of time and is faster when you have a person there with you.

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  13. mpl

    mpl Member

    Yep, that sounds nice. We already planning someone from CIM system to come for this year.

    I've an experience with lot of various complex software, mostly it was documented enough, thats why it doesn't require training or something like this. Ok so it seems sum3d came with low price but require more personal training.

    Thanks for an answer anyway.

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