How to make 3D printing implant model!?

Discussion in 'exocad' started by Artyom, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Artyom

    Artyom New Member


    I'm a beginner with model creating and this is my first case to creating a implant model.
    I have received a file from intro oral scanning and now I have to make a model for printing with a implant analogs inside. Already I have Straumann's implant and analog libraries, but during modeling program shows that it is not able to see analog library.
    Maybe someone knows how to properly set up this library?
    Shall I some how combine a implant and analog libraries??
    Or what else should I know??!
    I work with Amanngirrbach system.

    Kind regards,

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  2. Rigant

    Rigant Well-Known Member

    the libraries you have are not compatible with each other, or are badly installed.
    I advise you to call your dealer and tell him. . .

    the connection libraries you install on the route:


    have to be compatible with the model creator library you install on:

  3. Artyom

    Artyom New Member

    I have two library's:
    1) Straumann implant library who is located CAD/library/implant
    There are .stl files
    2) Straumann analog library who is located CAD/library/modelcreator/implants
    There are .sdfa files

    That's correct?
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  4. Rigant

    Rigant Well-Known Member

    OK... yes its correct... the two libraries were given to you by the same distributor saying that they are compatible?
    if u want, send me both libraries in a .rar and I will examine the .xml, to see the error!
  5. Artyom

    Artyom New Member

    Yes, the library's are from straumann distributor.

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  6. Rigant

    Rigant Well-Known Member didn't use the library you gave me, or you renamed the folder name (never rename library folders if they are going to be used in the model creator or won't work )

    2.The libraries you have sent me are not compatible with each other.:facepalm:

    3.The connection you want to use is:
    RCVariobase: RCVariobaseforcrownAH35mmGH1mm
    exists in your connection library, but in the modelcreator library, it's called "STRAUMANN_Variobase_Abutment_(with_GH)_inhouse : RC : H35GH10"

    in short:
    Or you have a folder "Library/implants/STRAUMANN_Variobase_Abutment_(with_GH)_inhouse" and you use it to create the pieces, or your model creator library won't work.:dead::dead:

    I hope I explained myself correctly... my English is very bad!! :confused::confused:
  7. Artyom

    Artyom New Member

    Well, now it's become more clear. At least, now I know a fault, but unfortunately I don't have a proper implant library. I have lot of different kind Straumann libraries, I checked all config for all of these, but no one mach with analog library.

    1. I must find proper library somewhere?! I don't know where.. Would you be so kind to share your Straumann implant library which is connectable with "STRAUMANN_Variobase_Abutment_(with_GH)_inhouse : RC : H35GH10" ...or

    2. Maybe I can change a name of library in Config?! But I don't know how to do it.
  8. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    Your reseller should be able to take care of this for you.

    You got these implant libraries from Straumann?
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  9. Rigant

    Rigant Well-Known Member

    It is not just to make it work, that would be easy, the problem is that the model creator library uses the information of the position and rotation of the scanbody of the implant library... do what @2thm8kr says!! contact your distributor!!
  10. Artyom

    Artyom New Member

    OK, Thank you very much!
    All this libraries are from straumann distributor. I think, they don't know how it works :facepalm:
    I will call them one more time, now i know what exactly i need.
  11. petergr

    petergr New Member

    Can you please tell me what is the process of creating sdfa file for analog .Is there some software like the Exoimplant editor?
  12. Rigant

    Rigant Well-Known Member

    It doesn't have to be a ".sdfa".
    As far as I know, there's no analog editor, but if you look at a .xml you will see that its "programming" is quite simple.
    The ".stl" of the analog must match the position reference of the ".stl" of the scanbody of the implant library.
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  13. petergr

    petergr New Member

    Thanks for your answer.In which folder I need to place the analog interface stl?
  14. Rigant

    Rigant Well-Known Member

    implant, in modelcreator
  15. Vasyl

    Vasyl Well-Known Member

    One analog is not enough. It will be necessary to register in config.xml CompatibleImplants
  16. Leandroalgumacoisa5

    Leandroalgumacoisa5 New Member

    Someone could help me?

    i don´t have the straumann library analogs for model creator.

    Anyone can send me?

  17. Vasyl

    Vasyl Well-Known Member

    Straumann download

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  18. Leandroalgumacoisa5

    Leandroalgumacoisa5 New Member

    man, but it did not work I was wrong, in fact it was from the singular implants to even working on the site but I can't find where to download the CAD CAM files
  19. Leandroalgumacoisa5

    Leandroalgumacoisa5 New Member

    Good afternoon, could someone help me?

    I'm not able to download analogs for exocad model creator from their own site, I type the serial and everything, but I can't get the download link,

    Could someone download for me the analogs of Neodent's model creator and singular?


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