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Discussion in 'CAM software' started by harmonylab, Jul 31, 2019.

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    well, so far, I've only used picasoft and dental softworks, as they were bundled with the mills we bought. we were told that fits were superior using hyperdent, and that these cams were a waste of time, and their result seems to confirm it. now, my boss is dead set on getting hyperdent. unfortunately, they don't work with most of our mills but future ones will be.

    so, is there a big difference between typical cam software and sum3d/hyperdent in milling accuracy? I'm guessing sum3d and hyperdent are about equal in function?
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    Sounds like salesmen mumbo jumbo BS to me. CAM is robot motion control. If it sucked it wouldn't be around. I don't have a lot of experience with a lot of CAM software, but the stuf from SUM/Millbox great fits on complex cases. Same for Hyperdent.

    Salesmen, any difference between them and compulsive liars?
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    Hello harmonylab,
    I use Dental Softworks Cam for over 8 years and it works perfect to me on my both 5-axis vhf in wett and dry milling.
    They have postprocessors for the most mills in dental use and you can adapt the millpath to your need really easyly. whats your problem with it.
    Hyperdent ist a very good cam sw but you have to adapt all be them, good choose if you want to loose money.
    Mabee you need a perfect instruction to your DS-Cam to get perfect results.
    just my 2 cent
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    As I have used Sum3D/millbox for over 4 years, then tried Hyperdent. Never went back to Millbox. Same thing happened with some friends of mine who use Hyperdent now on Imes and Roland machines.
    Differences between them ? A lot... Hyperdent is much more stable. We had almost zero broken tools in 2 years. Much faster milling. Tools last longer. Much better support (at least that was my case).
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    We use HyperDent, DS for pretty long time (actually we are biggest dental milling center in Europe). From my point of view as CAM-engineer, programmer, software developer and operator - HyperDent is almost best option for any dental stuff. The bad thing about it is only big price. MUCH bigger than it should be. We start trying/learning Sum3D recently because of easier strategies setup, price and more opened postprocessor editing (though not full access), especially for some old machines we have. HyperDent don`t let you do whatever you want even if you paid for complete license (we have at least 8 full hyperdent licenses).

    Same for Sum3D. Depending on how you feel/know software and what you mill and on which machine. And your personal experience of course.
    Oh i doubt that. We measured real milling time for same parts paths generated in both CAMs. Of course they are not same, but I would not say something is faster with almost same (where possible to do comparement) milling conditions.
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    Hi y'all. Does anyone knows how to calculate toolpaths for thread (locator) on Hyperdent (Arum 5x200)?

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