Maybe a stupid question, but maybe not....

Discussion in 'exocad' started by Phyxs, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. Phyxs

    Phyxs New Member

    for the past couple months I've been having some issues with my mouse on the regular CAD (don't have partial add-on), to where I can't rotate the models properly, the mouse isn't responsive enough (and is not a cheap one), like instead of rotating it fails and it just goes straight to the righ click functions.

    have gone through a Razer deathadder v1 and now the 3d conexion (wired/bluettoh) mouse, they work fine for a lil while then start having this issue. Am I right clickling too much?? or what?
  2. mgexo

    mgexo The other Wizard Staff Member

    Mouse interaction problems can also be caused by Windows 8 or 10 when you have a multi monitor setup where the displays have different DPI Scaling Settings in Windows. Windows might then "scale" the mouse movements
  3. Phyxs

    Phyxs New Member

    eh that stuff went right over my head hahah. I ended up changing the mouse and is all fixed. I actually think that i'm just breaking them lmao

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