Mihm Vogt HT Sintering Oven

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by Toast, Dec 28, 2015.

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    I turned my MV HT oven on this morning and it was showing a temp of 300°C. It's slowly coming down to room temp but at a rate like its actually cooling, but it's cold. I've had a few instances over the last 6 months where the sintered units came out under fired (opaque) and chalky white at the margins and I'm thinking now it's related to this. It would happen and then not happen again for a month or more.
    Any ideas whats going on? Thermocouple? Any way to reset?
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    I figured out how to reset the controller but it didn't seem to help. Ran a program and got an audible alarm at the end but no errors on the display. Took the top off and found two clamps that were touching and were charred.
    They've been that close since new (2 years) and never tripped or showed any errors. Adjusted them and tightened thermocouple connection.
    This and a bad projector in my scanner greeted me on this awesome Monday morning.
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    Those clamps hold your heating elements from the looks of it. I wonder if the element was not being used, bypassed essentialky from the power jumping right through the clamps. Please share if your units start sintering better.

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    I think you're right. I spoke to Bryan at Zubler and he suggested checking resistance on each element and running the repair program. All of the elements checked out fine and since running the repair program and adjusting the clamps everything has been fine.
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    Anybody know where I can get this other (cheaper) than Amann Girrbach?

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    Hi. Does anyone have a service manual of mihm vogt ht-s speed? Thank you.

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