PMMA too tight on dies / ti-bases / abutments

Discussion in 'Digital Materials and Machine Tools' started by Ryo Kina, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Ryo Kina

    Ryo Kina New Member

    The PMMA temps I mill out from DWX-52 designed with EXOCAD is always coming out way TOO tight.

    Does anybody know how to resolve this problem?

    Also any recommendations on PMMA brands and Milling burs?

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  2. Erykd1

    Erykd1 Member

    Ive noticed it too on my Roland 51D using SUM3d. For PMMA we're using carbides 2mm, 1mm, 0.6mm. All we had to do was increase the cement gap for PMMA to .08-.09mm and fits are much better.
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  3. leshi

    leshi Well-Known Member

    The most common plastic fit problem I have seen is an old 1mm tool. Another problem is a poor titanium base library.

    The image did not load for me.
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  4. Ryo Kina

    Ryo Kina New Member

    I'll try playing around with the cement space. Thank you!
  5. Ryo Kina

    Ryo Kina New Member

    Hi! I tried scanning the titanium abutment instead of using scan-bodies to avoid using implant libraries. Same results... :(
    Also, I switched all burs to brand new ones, still the same...

    I'll try adjusting the parameters...
    Thank you for the comment!
  6. Marcomiglia

    Marcomiglia New Member

    [QUOTE = "Ryo Kina, post: 29635, member: 5218"] Ciao! Ho provato a scansionare l'abutment in titanio invece di usare scan-body per evitare di usare le librerie di impianti. Stessi risultati ...:(
    Inoltre, ho cambiato tutte le frese in nuove di zecca, sempre le stesse ...

    Proverò a regolare i parametri ...
    Grazie per il commento! [/ QUOTE]

    Ciao scusa ho lo stesso problema, come hai risolto? Grazie
  7. Ryo Kina

    Ryo Kina New Member

    Sì! Sono riuscito a risolvere il problema. Ho impostato "l'inizio della fessura del cemento" su 0, la fessura del cemento su 0,08 e prevedo lo spessore della fresa a 1,4 mm. Uso exocad. Spero questo sia di aiuto! Vi auguro una buona giornata.

    (google translate)

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