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Discussion in 'exocad' started by EJADA, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. EJADA

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    I’ve been running exocad for two years now. I do pretty good in general but often see y’all post stuff that makes it obvious I still have much to learn. Exocad has so much to offer and since I’m pretty much a stand alone guy I don’t spend nearly as much time designing as some of you. I have gone through most of the you tube tutorials, some several times. But there remains several areas I want to improve on. IE.. virtual articulator to name one. What I am wondering is are there any exocad advanced training options available? I really have never seen any advertised anywhere. If I could get really good maybe I would put some on myself but not sure I could ever get that good. I’m not a computer geek.
    Is anyone aware of advanced training options. I might even be willing to sponsor a training at my place. I have plenty of room. Maybe one of you that is way more advanced than the rest of us would be willing to do one. I could probably underwrite the costs. I’m pretty centrally located. About an hour from the Denver airport. Feel free to throw out all possibilities.
  2. EJADA

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    Strange my thread duplicated itself twice.
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    I gotcha buddy, extra threads removed.
  4. alphadental

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    #1 - ask 2t
    #2- call Evolve dentistry in Buffalo NY and ask if they do advance class with John Orfanidis
    This 2 guys are the best I know
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  5. EJADA

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    Thanks will do
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  6. Robert Squire

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    Has anyone on DLN been to Daniel Portal"s Exocad courses? What did you think? reviews?

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